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Nepal Airlines Corporation Recommendation for Staff Promotion by Performance Appraisal

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Nepal Airlines Corporation - NAC

Nepal Airlines Corporation (Nepal Bayu Sewa Nigam NAC), Human Resource Department Notice regarding Recommendation for Promotion by Performance Appraisal

Among the applications duly received by calling for applications from the concerned employees for promotion and filling the posts in the following advertisements of the Corporation according to the service and conditions of Nepal Airlines Corporation employees, 2058; According to the said regulations, the meeting held on various dates of the post filling committee has decided to recommend promotion to the following posts to the following written employees who have obtained the highest marks based on the marks obtained for the evaluation of academic qualifications, seniority, and work performance. This notice is published for the information of all concerned.

If the relevant concerned employees are not satisfied with the published notice, they are also informed of the procedure where a complaint can be made according to regulation 56(1) of the same regulation with proof within 15 (fifteen days) from the date of publication of this notice in Gorkhapatra Rashtriya Daily.

Notice published date: 2079/10/10

Nepal Airlines Corporation

New Road, Kathmandu

Estd. 1958