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Nepal Bidhyut Pradhikaran (NEA) Call to Receive Appointment Letter

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Nepal Bidhyut Pradhikaran (NEA) Call to Receive Appointment Letter

Nepal Bidhyut Pradhikaran (NEA) Call to Receive Appointment Letter: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Head Office notice regarding recommendation and appointment letter

Detailed information regarding the publication and recommendation of the following advertisement posts published by Nepal Electricity Authority to fill the permanent posts through open competition has been published on the website of Nepal Electricity Authority

Also, this information has been published on the notice board of the office for the information of all regarding the transaction.

The recommended candidates are also advised to come to Nepal Electricity Authority, Central Personnel Administration Branch, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu on Friday, 2078-08-17 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm with the following documents:

1/2075/76 Technical 7/13 Engineer Technical Electrical / Open and Inclusive
2/2075/76 Technical 7/14 (Engineer / Technical / Electrical / Electronics (Women)
3/2075/76 Technical 7/15 (Engineer / Technical / Mechanical. (Open and Inclusive)

Documents to submit when applying for an open competition appointment letter:
1) Passport size photo taken recently (1 copy).
2) Certificate of Negligence (in the format as per Schedule-10 of Nepal Electricity Authority, Staff Service, Conditions Regulations 2075 (with amendments).
3) Identity Document (Admission Card or Certificate of Citizenship or Identity Card).
4) 1/1 copy of all educational qualification certificates certified by Notary Public.

In addition, according to the advertisement number published by the authority for permanent vacancy through open competition, notices including results of written examination to be published by Public Service Commission for various posts, interview examination program of successful candidates in written examination, publication of final results and recommendation and appointment date. As it can be viewed at, all concerned are advised to be updated with it.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Ratnapark, Kathmandu

Estd. 1985



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