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Nepal Dhitopatra Board (SEBON) Final Result of Various Positions

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Nepal Dhitopatra Board SEBON Notice

Nepal Dhitopatra Board (SEBON) Final Result of Various Positions -Securities Board of Nepal Recruitment: Permanent Appointments through Open Competitive Examination

The Nepal Dhitopatra Board (SEBON), located in Khumaltar, Lalitpur, has released an important notification regarding the recruitment process for various open and inclusive positions. The announcement was made through the Nepal Securities Board Recruitment Committee Advertisement No. 03-04/079-80, 06-11 / 079-80214-19/079-80. This recruitment aims to fill these positions with deserving candidates selected through open competitive examinations. The process of appointment is based on the merit order determined by the candidates' performance in the written test and interview.

Appointment Process and Recommendations

According to the official publication dated 2080/02/12, the Nepal Securities Board has recommended the appointment of candidates based on their merit order. The merit order is determined by considering the total marks obtained by the candidates in both the written test and interview. The board has published the list of main candidates as well as alternate candidates for each position. This information has been made available to all concerned parties.

Contacting the Human Resources Branch

Candidates who have been recommended for appointment are required to contact the Human Resources Branch of the Nepal Securities Board. This step is in accordance with Rule 29 of the Nepal Securities Board Staff Service Conditions Regulations, 2068. The candidates should promptly reach out to the Human Resources Branch for further instructions and formalities related to their appointments.

The Nepal Dhitopatra Board (SEBON) has taken a significant step towards filling open and inclusive positions through a transparent and competitive recruitment process. By adhering to the merit order determined by candidates' performance in written tests and interviews, the board ensures fairness and meritocracy. Candidates who have been recommended for appointment should promptly get in touch with the Human Resources Branch to proceed with the necessary formalities. This announcement marks another milestone in SEBON's commitment to upholding professionalism and excellence in its workforce.

Final Result Notice SEBON