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Nepal Electricity Authority Senior Meter Reader Exam Results (Surkhet and Attaria)

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Nepal Electricity Authority Building

Nepal Electricity Authority Senior Meter Reader Examination Results Announcement

The Nepal Electricity Authority has officially announced the results of the written examination for the position of Senior Meter Reader. This announcement is critical for candidates who participated in the examination process under the Administration Service/Administration Group/Administration Sub-Group. The detailed information regarding the results is as follows:

  • Designation: Senior Meter Reader
  • Examination Date: 2080/1/22
  • Level of Position: 4th Level
  • Service Category: Administration/Administration/Administration
  • Result Announcement Authority: Public Service Commission, Central Office
  • Date of Result Publication: 2080/08/12

Important Information for Candidates

  • Result Format: The results have been arranged in alphabetical order, listing the names and roll numbers of successful candidates.
  • Advertisement References: The results pertain to Advertisement No. 2079-80/Administration 4/908 (Surkhet) and 2079-80/Administration 4/808 (Attaria).
  • Next Steps: Selected candidates are advised to stay informed about upcoming interviews and related procedures. It's essential to maintain regular communication with the relevant departments.

For Further Information

Candidates and interested parties are encouraged to visit the official Nepal Electricity Authority website or contact the Public Service Commission's Central Office for additional details and inquiries. This announcement serves as an essential update for all participants and stakeholders involved in the recruitment process.

Written Exam Result Notice

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