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Nepal Electricity Authority Written Exam Result of 5th Level (Pokhara)

Result 28 Oct 2023 2548 0

Nepal Electricity Authority Building

Nepal Electricity Authority Examination Results Notification: Fiscal Year 2079/80 (Pokhara)

The Public Service Commission, Central Office, has officially announced the written examination results for various services, groups/subgroups, and level-5 positions under the Nepal Electricity Authority for the fiscal year 2079/80. We present this information for all stakeholders and applicants to stay updated.

Examination Results Details:

  • Position: Accountant

    • Level: 5th Level Assistant
    • Service/Group: Administration/Accounting
    • Written Examination Date: 2080/1/2
    • Advertisement: 2079-80/Admin5/502 (Open and Inclusive) (Pokhara)
  • Position: Supervisor (Electrical)

    • Level: 5th Level
    • Service/Group/Subgroup: Technical/ Electrical/ Electrical
    • Written Examination Date: 2080/1/2
    • Advertisement: 2079-80/Technical 5/503 (Open and Inclusive) (Pokhara)
  • Position: Supervisor (Mechanical)

    • Level: 5th Level Assistant
    • Service/Group: Technical/ Mechanical
    • Written Examination Date: 2080/1/26
    • Advertisement: 2079-80/Technical5/504 (Khula and Madheshi) (Pokhara)
  • Position: Supervisor (Civil)

    • Level: 5
    • Service/Group/Subgroup: Technical Civil/ Civil
    • Written Examination Date: 2080/1/23
    • Advertisement: 2079-80/Technical5/506 (Open) (Pokhara)
  • Position: Meter Reading Supervisor Ltd.

    • Level: 5
    • Service/Group/Sub-Group: Administration/Administration/Administration
    • Operation Date: 2080/1/2
    • Advertisement: 2079-80/Amin5/501 (Open and Inclusive) (Pokhara)

Note to Candidates: Candidates who have successfully passed are listed in alphabetical order by name and roll number. It is imperative for successful candidates to stay in touch with the relevant agencies for subsequent interviews and other related programs.

Written Exam Result Notice Pokhara

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

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