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Pradesh 1 Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of Agriculture Officer

Result 15 Nov 2022 534 0

Pradesh 1 Lok Sewa Aayog Notices

Pradesh 1 Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of Agriculture Officer: Province 1, Province Public Service Commission Advertisement No, 45/078-79 (Open), Agricultural Service, Agricultural Extension/Agronomy/Crop Protection/Vegetarian Group, Officer Level Sixth Level, Assistant Agricultural Extension Officer/Assistant Crop Development Officer/Assistant Crop Protection Officer/Assistant Vegetable Development Officer The group test and interview of the candidates selected for the written test for the post number 15 (fifteen) from 21-07-24 to 24th of 2079. Based on the total score of the interview, the following order of merit has been maintained; Since the date of recommending the following local levels for the permanent appointment was decided on 26-07-2079; This notice is published for the information of all concerned.

Sifaris PPSC Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog