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Sanima Life Insurance IPO Result Published: How to Check

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Sanima Life Insurance IPO

The initial public offering IPO result of Sanima Life Insurance has been published on Saturday (30th Shrawan 2078 / 14th August 2021). A total of 5,40,000 applicants got 10 units of share each. According to sales manager Prabhu Capital Limited, the company's IPO allotment (Result) at Sanima Life Insurance's office in Durbar Marg.

Sanima Life  Insurance IPO, 2,419,127 applicants have applied for the purchase of 36,943,440 units of shares. which is 6.84 times more than the IPO opened for sale to the public. Some applications have been rejected. Out of the total applicants applying for the IPO sold by Sanima Life, only 540,000 got shares at the rate of 10 units each through the round-robin (Gola Pratha) method.

Sanima Life had issued a total of 6 million IPOs from 4th to 8th August 2021, in which the company has allotted 5% of capital i.e. 300,000 units of shares to employees and 5% of capital i.e. 300,000 units of shares to mutual funds, while the remaining 5400000 units of shares have been allotted to the public.

CARE RATING NEPAL has given Sanima Life Insurance a Care NP "Triple-B Issuer" rating in the credit rating for IPO issuance. This indicates that it is moderately safe to meet financial obligations on time.

How to Check Sanima Life Insurance Limited IPO Allotment (Result):

How to Check IPO result / allotment in Nepal. Learn the fastest and easiest way to check all companies' IPO results in Nepal. Follow a few steps to get IPO result.

You have to follow the following instruction to fast check the IPO result of Sanima Life Insurance Limited from the MeroShare (CDSC) website:

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: You will see this type of interface on your device.

Step 3: Type your 16 digit BOID Number (Beneficial Owner Identification Number)

Step 4: Click on View Result Tab. 

Finally, you will get the result message on the interface.

(Note: The IPO result will be shown after the share allotment and upload data on the server)

Other Ways to Check IPO Result of Sanima Life Insurance:

1. MeroShare Official Website:

2. (Prabhu Capital IPO result) IPO Result on Prabhu Capital Website: 

Detail Statement:

The IPO Issuing Company Sanima Life Insurance Company
Issue Manager Prabhu Capital Limited
Security Type Common Stock -IPO
IPO Issued Date 4th August to 8th August 2021
IPO Face Value Rs. 100
Total IPO Share 60,00,000 Units
The share allocated for Mutual Investment (5%) 3,00,000 Units
The Share allocated for employees (5%) 3,00,000 Units
Total Share for Individual Investor (General Public = 90%) 54,00,000 Units
Total Applicants 2,419,127
Total Applied Units 36,943,440
Total Allotted Kitta 54,00,000 Kitta
Total Allottee 5,40,000
Application Rejected by CASBA Members  106292
Total Number of Applicants received  2419848
Total Verified No. of Application  2313556
Total Number of Kitta Received  36951080
Kitta Rejected by CASBA Members 2671460
Total Verified Kitta  34279620
Total Invalid Number of Application Duplicate  5434
Total Invalid Share Kitta Duplicate  74600
Total Valid No. of Application for Allotment  2308122
Total Valid Share Kitta  34205020
Proposed Allotment Date  2078-4-30 (14th August 2021, 11:00 AM)

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