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Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) Final Result of Various Positions

Result 21 May 2022 795 0

Nepal Dhitopatra Board SEBON Notice

Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), [Nepal Dhitopatra Board] Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Information regarding the recommendation of the vacancy committee

This information has been published in accordance with the decision of the Recruitment Committee to recommend for appointment as the main candidate and alternative candidate on the basis of merit based on the total marks obtained by the candidates including the examination and interview conducted for permanent appointment through open competitive examination for the following posts of Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).

The recommended main candidates are advised to contact the Board's Regulation and Management Department within one (1) month from the date of publication of this notice along with the certificate of health received from the approved doctor for an appointment.

1) Advertisement No .: 01-02 / 076/77

Position: Director

Service / Group: Administration

Category: Officer II

Required Post Number: Three (3) (Open - 2, Women - 1) Leading candidates (open side)

Interview Date: 2078-12-23

Recommendation Date: 2078-12-24

2) Advertisement No .: 03/076/77

Position: Director

Services / Group: C.A.

Category: Officer II

Required Post Number: One (1) (Open) Main Candidate (Open)

Interview date: 2078-12-24

Recommendation date: 2078-12-24

3) Advertisement No .: 04-05/076/77

Post: Assistant Director

Service /Group: Administration

Category: Officer Third

Required Post Number: Three (3) (Open - 2, Disabled - 1) Main Candidate (Open Side)

Interview Date: 2078-12-24 and 25

Recommendation date: 2078-12-25

4) Advertisement No .: 07-076/77

Post: Assistant Director

Services /Group: C.A.

Category: Officer 3rd

Required Post Number: One (1) (Open) Main Candidate (Open Side)

Interview Date: 2078-12-25

Recommendation Date: 2078-12-25

5) Advertisement No .: 08-09/076/77

Posts: Senior Assistant

Services/Group: Administration

Category: Assistant First

Required Posts Number: Two (2) (Open - 1, Women - 1) Main Candidate (Open Side)

Interview Date: 2078-12-25 and 26

Recommendation date: 2079-02-03

6) Advertisement No .: 10-11/076/77

Posts: Assistant

Services / Group: Administration Category: Assistant II

Required Posts Number: Four (4) (Open - 3, Dalit - 1) Main Candidate (Open Side)

Interview Date: 2078-12-26 and 27

Recommendation date: 2078-02-04

(Published: 2079-02-07)