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Sunrise Bluechip Fund Allotment - Sunrise Bank Limited

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Sunrise Bluechip Fund Allotment

Sunrise Bluechip Fund Allotment - Sunrise Bank Limited:

Operating under the Sunrise Collective Investment Fund, the Sunrise Bluechip Fund Scheme has a face value of Rs. 100 million units (Including 1,50,00,000 units allotted to Sunrise Bank Ltd., the fund promoter for seed capital) and for the general public 850,00,000 units at 10 face value were issued.

A total of 12,37,64,540 units have been received from 56,058 applicants through CIASWA; In accordance with the provisions in the approved statement for 11,86,19,840 units duly received from 53,144 applicants, Collective Investment Fund Directive, 2069 and Securities Issuance, and Distribution Directive, 2074; 53,138 applicants seeking from 100 units to 30,000,000 units as per demand, 4 applicants demanding 50,000,000 units at the rate of 46,05,026 units;

And 2 applicants seeking 100,000,000 units at the rate of 46,05,028 units, 10,62,50,000 units to the general public and 1,87,50,000 units of fund promoter Sunrise Bank Ltd. This notice has been published for the information of all regarding the distribution of 12,50,00,000 units on 2077-12-13.

We would also like to inform through this notice that all the SIASWA member banks and financial institutions have to clear the remaining amount of the undistributed unit and also the bank account of the concerned applicants.

Sunrise Bank Limited

Gairidhara, Kathmandu

Estd. 2007