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Tribhuvan University Announces M.Sc. Physics IV Semester Make-Up Exam Results

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Tribhuvan University Announces M.Sc. Physics IV Semester Make-Up Exam Results

The Examination Branch of the Dean's Office at Tribhuvan University's Institute of Science and Technology, based in Balkhu, Kathmandu, has recently published the results for the Master of Science in Physics IV Semester make-up examinations for the 2076 batch. This result announcement is a crucial update for students who have been eagerly awaiting the outcome of their hard work and perseverance.

Examination Results Overview

  • Exam Session: The make-up exams were held in January 2080, offering students another chance to succeed in their Physics studies.
  • Results Declaration: In line with the Board of Directors' decision, the results for two subjects have been released, marking a significant step in the academic journey of the candidates.

Successful Candidates for M.Sc. Physics IV Semester Make-Up Exams

Tribhuvan University's recent declaration of the M.Sc. Physics IV Semester make-up exam results has highlighted the achievements of several students. The following is a transcription of the successful candidates' roll numbers, categorized by their respective campuses:

University Campus, Kirtipur

  • PHY 3500/076
  • PHY 3504/076
  • PHY 3537/076

Amrit Campus, Lainachaur

  • PHY 3558/076
  • PHY 3561/076
  • PHY 3563/076
  • PHY 3565/076
  • PHY 3568/076
  • PHY 3582/076
  • PHY 3583/076
  • PHY 3595/076
  • PHY 3597/076
  • PHY 3609/076
  • PHY 3611/076

Patan Multiple Campus, Patandhoka

  • PHY 3619/076
  • PHY 3693/076
  • PHY 3702/076

GoldenGate International College, Old Baneshwor

  • PHY 3721/076

M.M.A.M. Campus, Biratnagar

  • PHY 3723/076
  • PHY 3727/076
  • PHY 3733/076
  • PHY 3742/076
  • PHY 3751/076

Prithivi Narayan Campus, Pokhara

  • PHY 3784/076
  • PHY 3791/076

Post-Result Steps for Students

  • Collection of Mark Sheets: Students who have passed their exams can collect their mark sheets from their respective colleges or campuses, ensuring they have official documentation of their performance.
  • Accuracy of Results: The university takes great care to publish results that are free from errors. However, if any discrepancies are identified, the examination branch has outlined clear procedures for making corrections.
  • Reappraisal Process: For those who wish to reevaluate their results, applications for reappraisal must be submitted within 20 days from the result publication date.

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