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Tribhuvan University B.Sc. Entrance Exam Results 2080

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Tribhuvan University B.Sc. Entrance Exam Results Announcement and Admission Guidelines

Tribhuvan University's Institute of Science and Technology (IOST), located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal, has recently made a significant announcement regarding the B.Sc. entrance examination conducted on 16th Mangsir 2080. This update is crucial for all campuses running the program and prospective students. Below are the key points and guidelines related to the publication of results and the subsequent admission process.

Results Publication and Merit Order

  • The results of the B.Sc. entrance examination for the year 2080 have been officially published.
  • The ranking and selection of candidates are based on merit, adhering to the decision dated Mangsir 22, 2080.

Admission and Class Commencement Guidelines

  • Campuses must adhere to the following procedures for admissions and class commencement:
    • Course Offerings: B.Sc. programs include General (Physics, Chemistry, Math, Botany, Zoology, Statistics, Geology, Hydrology & Meteorology), B.Sc. Environmental Science, and B.Sc. Microbiology. Details about affiliated campuses offering these courses can be accessed at IOST Website.
    • Fourth-Year Major Subject Information: Campuses should inform students about the major subject they will study in their fourth year.

Student Admission Criteria and Process

  • Campuses must admit students based solely on merit.
  • Required documents for admission include a transcript, a certified copy of the character certificate, the scorecard of the passed entrance exam 2080, and a copy of the migration certificate.

Admission and Class Schedule

  • Admission Program: The admission process will start from 24th Mangsir 2080, with campuses publishing their admission schedules. If necessary, second and third merit lists may be released.
  • Class Operation: Classes are scheduled to begin from Poush 3rd, 2080.
  • Admission Requirements: Students must present their admit card and scorecard from the entrance exam during admission. The validity of the entrance exam scorecard will expire 35 days after the result publication.

Eligibility and Compliance

  • Students who do not meet the prescribed qualifications will have their entrance exam scores invalidated.
  • Any admissions granted to students not meeting the minimum qualifications will be revoked, with the responsibility falling on both the campus and the students involved.

Strict Admission Protocols

  • Provisional Admissions Prohibited: Campus colleges are instructed not to offer provisional admissions under any circumstances.
  • Mandatory Submission of Educational Certificates: Students who have cleared the entrance examination must submit all required educational certificates at the time of admission. Failure to do so will lead to ineligibility for admission.
  • Educational Qualification Requirements: For enrollment, students must have either a Proficiency Certificate Level, +2, or Secondary level qualification from Tribhuvan University or an equivalent qualification from a foreign university. This includes obtaining an equivalence certificate with migration for students who have completed schooling or equivalent examinations from other institutions.

Inclusive and Open Competition Quotas

  • Admission Quota Distribution: Campuses are advised to adhere to the admission quota set by Tribhuvan University. This includes reserving 20 percent of seats for inclusive admissions and 80 percent for open competition.
  • Eligibility for Inclusive Quota: Students wishing to apply under the inclusive quota must have completed classes 8, 9, and SLC/SEE from a government community school. They should also have completed classes 11 and 12/secondary level from a community school. Those who received a scholarship from the Nepal government and studied in a private school must submit proof of the scholarship.

Submission of Admitted Students' List

  • All colleges are required to send a list of admitted students to the Dean's office via email at [email protected] by 2nd Poush 2080.

Special Provisions for B.E./B.Arch and Medical Students

  • Students who have passed the entrance exams for B.E./B.Arch at the Institute of Engineering (IoE), TU, and those who have cleared the MBBS or Equivalent entrance examination by the Medical Education Commission in the year 2080 are eligible for B.Sc. admissions in the Physical and Biological Groups, respectively.
  • These students must obtain a Letter of Admission Approval from the Dean's office and present their scorecard from the IoE, TU, or Medical Education Commission.
  • Requests for the admission approval letter should be directed to the email [email protected].

Special Instructions for B.Sc. IoE Applicants

  • Entrance Test Form Submitters: Students who filled out the form for the B.Sc. IoE Entrance Test 2080, but were not included in the Entrance Test, need to take specific actions.
  • Required Documents Submission: These students, along with those who passed the entrance examination for B.E./B.Arch at TU in 2080 or MBBS or equivalent in 2080 conducted by the Medical Education Commission, must submit their scorecard and other required documents to the entrance exam email at [email protected] by 2080/08/29.

Issuance of Admission Approval Letters

  • Acceptance Letter Distribution: Admission Approval Letters for eligible students will be available from Poush 1. This letter is a critical document for the admission process.

Result Publication and Error Rectification

  • Accuracy of Examination Results: The examination results have been published with utmost care to avoid errors. The aim is to ensure they are as accurate and error-free as possible.
  • Procedure for Correcting Errors: In case of any discrepancies due to printing or other reasons, corrections will be made based on the records maintained by this office.
  • Result Access and Withheld Results: Students can download their scorecards from the website used for filling out the form. It should be noted that results for students who did not complete the required documents while filling out the form have been withheld. These students are advised to send the necessary documents within one week to the email address specified for the entrance exam ([email protected]).

These additional guidelines from Tribhuvan University's IOST are crucial in ensuring a smooth and transparent admission process for their B.Sc. programs. All prospective students and campuses are encouraged to adhere strictly to these instructions and deadlines. For further queries or detailed information, contacting the IOST via the provided email addresses or visiting their official website is recommended.

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