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University Grants Commission Final Result and Appointment of Various Positions

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University Grants Commission Appointment Notice:

The University Grants Commission located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, has released a recommendation notice, in adherence to its Staff Regulations of 2078. This announcement, pivotal for prospective candidates and interested entities, details the commission’s decision and ensuing steps required by the recommended candidates. 

Decision by Vacancy Committee

Post thorough evaluation involving a written examination, computer proficiency test, and an interview, the Vacancy Committee has come to a conclusive decision. The candidates, meticulously selected, are recommended for appointment, respecting the order of merit, and are as per the pre-published notification, encompassing the advertisement number, service, group, category, and post of this Commission. This decision is a reflective demonstration of the commission’s commitment to maintaining high standards in its recruitment processes.

Details and Further Instructions

  • Publication Date: The notice was made public on 2080/06/10.
  • Recommendation: The recommended candidates are advised to connect with the commission, furnishing their health certificate.
  • Time Frame: Candidates must adhere to the 15-day window from the date of publication of this notice to present the necessary documents.
  • Special Note: Regarding Advertisement no. 2/2079/80, targeting the Adivasi Janajati, it’s declared that no candidate qualifying for Administration Service, General Administration Group, Assistant Level First Class, Senior Assistant has successfully passed the written examination.

All the recommended candidates are encouraged to be prompt in establishing contact with the commission. It’s imperative that the candidates follow the stipulated instructions meticulously, submitting their health certificates within the prescribed time frame.

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