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Budhanilkantha School Scholarship Application Open for Class 5

Scholarship 30 Mar 2023 3132 0

Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu, Notification regarding scholarship examination under Budhanilkantha School and Partnership Program

Under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu, and the schools participating in the partnership program have published a notice as follows for the selection of scholarships from among the meritorious children of underprivileged communities for free or subsidized study from class 5 onwards.

1) Basis of Selection: Students who were born from 2069/01/01 to 2070/12/30 and studied regularly in public schools in at least class 3 and class 4 and completed class 4 in the academic session 2079 from various geographical areas and target groups. The students will be selected from the interview based on the merit order of the results of the written competitive examination so as to represent them.

2) Form submission date and time: Monday, 12/27/2079, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and

Tuesday 28/12/2079 from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Download the application form from or and fill it properly as prescribed in the application form.

Recommendations and verification should be submitted along with necessary documents to the examination center designated for your district.

Duly filled and signed certified form and necessary documents can be scanned and sent to the email address [email protected] before the exam. But the complete documents must be submitted to the examination center.

3) Date and Time of Written Examination: Tuesday, 28/12/2079, 11:00 AM.

4) Syllabus: Subjects to be taught in Class 3 and 4: Nepali, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Education and General Knowledge (40 percent objective and 60 percent subjective).

5) Number of open and reserved seats for Budhanilkantha School: 42 (50% female students)

(a) 40 students will be selected not more than one from each district for open and reservation.

(b) Reservation Seats : 20 (Lopunmukh-2. Dalit-4, Muslim-1, Madhashi-4, Tribal/Tribal-5, Backward Area- and Conflict Victim-2),

(c) 2 people (one male and one female) within Budhanilkanth municipality where the school is located.

6) A total of 77 students will be selected without repeating the district as long as they are available for Sajhdari schools under the Sajhdari program. Reservation in this (Dalit-5, Muslim-2, Madhesi-6, tribal-9 and female students at least 26)

7) Participating schools of Safedari program

1) Sheetladevi Secondary School, Dhankuta

2) Navjeevan Secondary School, Jutapani, Salahi

3) Kuleshwar Awas Secondary School, Kuleshwar, Kathmandu

4) Balmandir Secondary School, Lumley, Kaski

5) Janata Secondary School, Palpa

6) Birendra Vidyamandir Secondary School, Tikapur,

8) Application fee: Rs. 100/- (one hundred only).

Documents to be attached along with duly filled signed and attested application form

(1) Letter of recommendation recommended by the concerned ward office or local level for the Aadhaar opening scholarship for the poor.

(2) A copy of the student's birth registration certificate issued by the local registrar.

(3) If the certificate of passing class 3 from the community school and the final certificate of class 4 have not been issued, the letter from the school opening the case.

(4) Copy of Nepali citizenship certificate of both father and mother of the student. If a person other than parents is the guardian, a certificate from an official body revealing the relationship with the student and a copy of his Nepali citizenship certificate.

(5) If the person who wants to apply for the reserved seat has his surname in the list published by the Government of Nepal, a letter of recommendation issued by the relevant district administration office or the relevant official body to prove that he belongs to the relevant community.

(6) In the case of the backward Tugam area, the concerned ward office or the local level has established the person's permanent residence in the same place until now.

A letter of recommendation stating that his/her son or daughter has studied in a local public school.

(7) In the case of victims of drought, a certificate issued by the district administration office showing the proof that the father or mother is a victim of drought.

(8) 2 passport size photographs taken recently showing both ears.

Additional Information

(1) If one child of the concerned parent is studying in Budhanilkantha School on a scholarship, the other child will not be given a scholarship in Budhanilkantha School.

(2) The scholarship selection committee may approve or reject the form subject to the income limit of the parents of the students participating in the examination.

(3) As per Serial Number 9 above, in the case of districts, the examination will not be given from any other examination center except the designated examination center.

 (4) Not filled in properly, all details not verified and required documents not attached

The application form will remain automatically.

(5) Contact no. : 01-4370240/01-4371637

(Republished Date: 2079/12/16)

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