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School of Health Science Admission Open HA, CMLT, Radiography, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dental

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School of Health Science Admission 2080-2081

Open Admissions for Health Science Courses at the School of Health Science, Bharatpur, Chitwan

The School of Health Science, Bharatpur, Chitwan, affiliated with the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), has announced the admissions for the academic year 2080/81. This accredited institution is seeking dedicated students interested in medical fields, ready to immerse themselves in an intensive curriculum that will equip them with relevant skills and knowledge.

Courses Offered and Available Seats:

  • General Medicine (HA) - 62 seats
  • Medical Lab Technology (CMLT) -30 Seats
  • Diploma in Pharmacy -40 seats
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy - 40 seats
  • PCL in Dental Hygiene - 40 seats
  • PCL in Radiography - 30 seats

In addition to the rigorous training programs, the school offers the Jehendar Scholarship to the highest-scoring student in the entrance examination from each program's open and full fee quota.

Additional charges for CTEVT Registration, Exam fee, professional council fee, and practical practice fee will be levied as specified by the school.

Courses and Fee Structure

The School of Health Science, Bharatpur, Chitwan offers a variety of courses in the health science domain. Each course has a discounted fee for eligible students, as well as a standard full fee. The course and fee details are as follows:

1. General Medicine (HA)

  • Discounted Fee: Rs. 48,628
  • Full Fee: Rs. 129,625

2. Medical Lab Technology (CMLT)

  • Discounted Fee: Rs. 52,125
  • Full Fee: Rs. 133,125

3. Diploma in Pharmacy

  • Discounted Fee: Rs. 48,628
  • Full Fee: Rs. 129,625

4. Diploma in Physiotherapy

  • Discounted Fee: Rs. 52,125
  • Full Fee: Rs. 133,125

5. PCL in Dental Hygiene

  • Discounted Fee: Rs. 52,125
  • Full Fee: Rs. 133,125

6. PCL in Radiography

  • Discounted Fee: Rs. 52,125
  • Full Fee: Rs. 133,125

Application Process:

The application forms can be obtained from the School of Health Sciences, Bharatpur, Chitwan. The form fee is Rs. 1,500, payable via Rastriya Banijya Bank, Bank Bharatpur Branch Account No. 1310100000000106 of School of Health Sciences or through the Esewa voucher or QR Code (Fonepay) of the school. Please ensure to mention the applicant's name.

The form distribution commences on 2080/04/01 with the last date for submission being 2080/04/12 within office hours. The entrance exam is scheduled for 24th Shrawan 2080 at 08 AM.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must have a recognized educational qualification or SEE Grades in exams with compulsory Maths, English, and Science subjects Point Average (G.P.A.) minimum 2. Candidates must have achieved 68.33 percent marks in the total marks or a prescribed TSLC/pre-diploma level related to the program conducted by the Council.

Required Documents:

  • Attested copy of SEE/SLC merit and character certificates
  • Attested copy of citizenship or minor or birth registration
  • Attested copy of respective quota wise certificate and consent letter from concerned office for departmental quota
  • Two copies of passport size (35 X 45mm) color photograph taken recently with clear facial features.
  • Attested copy of TSLC profit letter and character certificates along with all above documents for TSLC quota.

Candidates who have passed SLC from countries other than Nepal or similar exams must submit a certified copy of the equivalence determined by the body designated by the Government of Nepal.

The examination center will be determined by the CTEVT Examination Control Office. For further information, kindly visit School of Health Science, Bharatpur, Chitwan or connect with them on Facebook or via phone at 056-510243.

Embrace the opportunity to learn and contribute to the health sciences with this distinctive academic journey at the School of Health Science, Bharatpur, Chitwan.

PCL Level Diploma Level Admission Open CTEVT

School of Health Science

Bharatpur, Chitwan

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