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APF Nepal (Sashastra Prahari) Jawan Post Syllabus and Sample Questions

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APF Nepal (Sashastra Prahari) Jawan Post Syllabus

APF Nepal (Sashastra Prahari) Jawan Post Syllabus and Sample Question Paper

Armed Police Force, Nepal (Sashastra Prahari Bal - APF Nepal) Jawan Post Syallbus (Selection process). The APF Nepal Jawan syllabus covers the selection process of Sashastra Prahari Bal Jawan Post (APF Nepal Jawan Post recruitment selection process). Please Download the PDf file of the syllabus and Sample question Paper.

Armed Police Force (Sashastra Prahari Bal Nepal), Head Office, Department of Human Resources, Directorate of Training, Swayambhu, Kathmandu: Competitive Examination Syllabus

The Examination Schedule will be in the following stages:

First Stage: Pre physical examination

Second Stage: Physical Tolerance Test (Full Marks 100)

Third Stage: Detailed health checkup

Fourth Stage: Written Exam (Full Marks 100 and Pass Marks 40)

Fifth Stage: Special Health Check-up

Sixth Stage: Interview (20 Marks)


APF Nepal Jawan Post Syllabus.Pdf

APF Nepal (Sashastra Prahari)