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Bagmati Province Government's Policies and Programs For the Fiscal Year 2079 / 80 BS

Article 30 May 2022 4466 2

Bagmati Province Government Policies and Programs For the Fiscal Year 2079 80 BS

Bagmati Province Government's Policies and Programs For the Fiscal Year 2079 / 80 BS: The Bagmati Province Government has made public the policy and program for the coming Fiscal Year 2079/080. In the Province assembly meeting held on Monday, Bagmati Province chief Yadav Chandra Sharma presented the policy and program for the coming fiscal year on behalf of the government. The government is planning to implement a 'model ward socialist program', and establish a Province-level communicable disease hospital with at least 50 beds for effective control of the risk of communicable diseases and effective response to epidemics like COVID-19.


Under the 'Chief Minister's Public Health Program', the concessional treatment of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and apstric fistula will be made more effective, free dialysis services for kidney patients will be extended to all hospitals in the province, and armed struggle (people's war) and people's movement injured. The government has a policy and program to provide free treatment from provincial hospitals, run an Ayurveda medicine production center in Ratnanagar, Chitwan to become self-reliant in Ayurveda medicine, and expand the 'One Secondary School, One Nurse' program to promote sexual and reproductive health and counseling services for adolescents. Is

Hetauda, ​​Bhaktapur, Trishuli, Sindhuli, Dhading, Bakulahar, and Pashupati Chaulagai Memorial Hospitals to be upgraded as specialized healthcare provider hospitals, and Hetauda Hospital to be upgraded to a 200-bed hospital in collaboration with Dharmabhakta Human Organ Transplant Center Bhaktapur. The Science academy will be expanded and strengthened. The government has a policy and program to take forward the necessary process for the establishment of its own hospital under the foundation.

The Province government will continue to provide blood bag grants to the needy and emergency services from the Province's blood bank, implement a digital health information system to manage the records and reporting of health institutions within the Province, technical education under the slogan 'Technical education for the aspirations, prosperity of Bagmati province'. The scholarship program will be continued to encourage the existing schools, to encourage the community schools, and provide scholarships to the daughters and daughters-in-law studying on the community campuses.

To continue the program of upgrading the Child Development Center as a model center in collaboration with the local level, to improve the pre-primary learning in schools, to improve the physical infrastructure in collaboration with the local level, and to prepare modern textbooks in at least one school in each district. The government has a policy and program to run the center and establish a 'Scientific Research Council'.

Similarly, for the socio-economic transformation of the marginalized Chepang community in the Province, the government has launched the 'Our Attention, Youth Awareness Campaign' to make Makwanpur, Dhading, and Chitwan Chepang settlements a specially protected area, raising awareness against sexual abuse, child marriage, human trafficking, and electronic crime. For the development and expansion of Province sports, in collaboration and partnership with the Province sports council and local level, construction and protection of Province level stadiums, sports infrastructures, organization of Province level sports competitions, one local level one playground policy has been adopted.

To carry forward the campaign 'One house, one tap, complete sanitation is our responsibility, formulate laws for overall management including development, monitoring, and regulation of Province level power projects, formulate Province agriculture development act, establish Province poultry development board, animal health, and clinical services. In order to expand, the program of "One Ward One Animal Health Clinic" program will be launched in coordination with the local level, and the process of establishing a chemical fertilizer factory and agricultural tool factory will be taken forward in the Province.

The Province government will run the 'Chief Skill Development and Employment Program' to provide employment to at least ten thousand poor and vulnerable youths in the Province, one ward at each local level small scale industry program, Godavari municipality of Lalitpur district by Nepal Art Village to promote internal and external tourism. Under this, policies and programs have been presented to facilitate the development of 72 feet high statue of Bhairav ​​Devta under construction in Dukuchhap and Champi villages as a tourist destination.

To start construction of Pharping-Humane-Bhanjyang-Kalanki-Heavy road this fiscal year as a project of Province pride, to start a feasibility study for the construction of Bagmati province ring road, detailed study of tunnel route in partnership with union and local level and private sector. The Province government has brought policies and programs to move the work forward, adhere to the construction schedule (calendar of operations) during the implementation of the physical construction contract and monitor the physical progress based on it.

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Bagmati Pradesh, Hetauda

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