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Class 11 and 12 Sample Questions and Specification Grid - NEB

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Class 11 and 12 Sample Questions and Specification Grid

कक्षा ११ र १२ को पाठ्यक्रममा आधारित विशिस्टीकरण तालिका तथा नमुना प्रश्नपत्र यहाँ बाट डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस

11 and 12 Sample Questions and Specification Grid - NEB:

Introduction Curriculum is an important tool in fulfilling the national objective of education. The quality of education can be enhanced only if the curriculum is implemented effectively. An effective facilitation process, as well as an evaluation system, has a special role to play in the proper implementation of the curriculum. Therefore, it is important for the evaluation system to be effective in the full implementation of the curriculum.

Evaluation is the process of assessing whether the specified competencies of the curriculum have been met and the specification grid is one of the important tools to make the evaluation process planned and effective. Improving the evaluation system is essential to increase the quality and effectiveness of education.

In order to improve the assessment system, it is essential to conduct the assessment process by creating assessment tools covering all aspects of the curriculum. As examinations are considered an integral part of the assessment in our current educational process, it is necessary to formulate question papers on a scientific basis while preparing examination question papers.

The specification grid plays an important role in using the examination as a means of assessment by adopting the assessment process specified by the syllabus by including all the subjects of the syllabus in order to achieve the objectives of the syllabus. Before conducting the examination, it is necessary to prepare the question papers by considering what kind of questions to ask from which unit or text, what kind of question paper to prepare to evaluate the purpose, how many marks to give the question, how much time to determine which question.

The specification grid is the grid prepared by each teacher before conducting the examination.

Thus the table includes what and how many questions to ask from which unit considering the purpose of the syllabus, subject matter, Score, time, etc., which question to put, how many marks to give, which question to give how much time, knowledge, skill and high ability in the question.

As part of the specification grid, it is also a kind of guide for the question paper makers and the answer book examiners. In the same way, this table also gives guidelines on what subject, how, to achieve any objective while conducting the teaching process by the teacher.

The specification table instructs teachers and question paper makers to determine thematic validity when preparing question papers. It reflects examinations and assessments according to the purpose of the curriculum.

The specification grid plays an important role in the standardization, uniformity, and validity of the examination. It should cover all aspects of learning. It plays an important role in the teaching-learning process as it determines the level of knowledge, comprehension, and other levels of questions determine the number of questions, time, and marks, and also the evaluation process so that questions can be formed from the entire area of ​​the curriculum.

According to the syllabus of any subject, a specification grid can be constructed in different ways. Similarly, a specification grid can be made according to the nature and format of the subject.

In general, the following things need to be considered when creating a specification grid:

(A) Competency and learning achievement of the curriculum

(B) Areas of subject matter or genres of learning

(C) Different levels of learning, understanding, use, analysis, evaluation, creation, etc.

(D) Extension of curriculum and subject matter specified by the syllabus

(E) Types of questions to be asked in the examination, level of questions, number of questions, score, and time

(F) Clear guidelines for question formulation

(G) Preparation of sample question paper as per specification grid


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