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English Language Proficiency Test Syllabus for Caregiver Job in Israel

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English Language Proficiency Test Syllabus for Caregiver Job in Israel

English Language Proficiency Test  Syllabus For For Auxiliary Workers in Long Terms Care in the State of Israel



Full Marks

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English Language Proficiency Test




Speaking and Listening Test




Exam Model

 Questions and Marks


Objective Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)

40 Questions x 2 Marks =80

2 hrs.




Note: There is no negative marking system.

Unit - 1: Introduction

Basic Knowledge of English language and Occupational Safety

(10 Questions x 2 marks = 20)

1. General Communication skill in English Language

  1. Self-introduction
  2. Greetings
  3. Queries and Responding
  4. Complimenting and thanking.

2. Basic Concept of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

  1. Potential hazards of work place
  2. Safe lifting techniques
  3. Health/Hygiene care, sanitation, medication and safety measures.
  4. Basic Knowledge of using OHS tools and equipment

Unit - 2: Communicative English Language (20 Questions x 2 marks=40)

1. Basic Knowledge of English Grammar (High school level)

  1. Tense
  2. Use of Articles
  3. Parts of speech
  4. Verb pattern (sentence structure)
  5. Question formation (with or without auxiliaries)
  6. Question Tags
  7. Comparison of Adjectives
  8. Modal verbs: Can, could, May, Might, Will, Would, Shall, Should, Must and ought (To Express meaning such as Permission, Possibility, Certainty, obligation)
  9. Clauses (Adverb, Adjective and Noun)
  10. Interchange of Active and Passive Voice
  11. Direct and Indirect Speech
  12. Proper use of quantifiers: (a lot, much, many, a little, a bit, a few, some, any....)

2. Corresponding and Reporting

  1. Talking over the telephone.
  2. E-mailing
  3. Record keeping in workplace
  4. Reporting:
  1. Vertical and Lateral
  2. Formal and Informal

Unit- 3: Basic Understanding of Words for Caregiving (5 Questions x 2 marks=10)

1. Concept of Caregiving:

  1. Caregiving in general,
  2. Caregiving for specific needs,

2. Emergency Care and First Aid

2. Basic knowledge of vocabulary used in work places.

  1. Caregiving center, house, hospital and nursing home.

Unit - 4: Knowledge of Caregiving (5 Questions x 2 marks= 1 0)

1. Basic communication of work and work place with care receiver and medical personnel

2. Basic Knowledge of caregiving for:

  1. Maternal and Child care
  2. Caregiving for elderly people
  3. Caregiving for the people with Physical disabilities such as:
  1. Hearing Loss,
  2. Blindness
  3. Mobility disabilities etc.

d. Caring for the people with special needs.

  1. Dementia,
  2. Hypertension,
  3. Alzheimer,
  4. Osteoporosis,
  5. Parkinson etc.