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Euro 6 and Environmental Concern

Article 18 Nov 2022 2131 0

Recently, the problem of air pollution is increasing in Nepal. In the context of air pollution due to garbage, smoke, dust, etc., the government has proposed to implement Euro-6 in vehicles. The risk of air pollution is becoming high and many efforts are being made to reduce air pollution in Nepal, which is one of the fifth most polluted cities in the world.

The Ministry of Forests and Environment has proposed to the Council of Ministers to implement Euro-6 standards among the vehicles imported into Nepal. It has been mentioned that the pollution emitted by vehicles contributes to air pollution in urban areas and since it is increasing day by day, now the proposal to apply Euro-6 to imported vehicles has been sent to the Cabinet for approval.

Since the Euro-6 standard has been applied to vehicles even in our neighboring countries India and Bhutan, the Ministry is seriously working to maintain the same standard in Nepal. The proposals submitted to the Council of Ministers have been implemented in most countries of the world.

It has been mentioned that, instead of Nepal Vehicle Pollution Standard 2069, which is currently being implemented in Nepal, the Vehicle Pollution Standard 2079 will be implemented in a timely and standard manner. Before sending the proposal, the Ministry of Forestry also consulted the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport. Now the standards have been prepared by incorporating the suggestions of both ministries.

The Department of Transport Management under the Ministry of Transport has also given an opinion that the implementation of Euro-6 will be progressive in terms of air pollution control and reduction of the greenhouse effect compared to the previous standards and that there will be no impact on the Transport Office to implement the standards.

We should go in the direction of creating a clean environment by reducing the increasing air pollution. In the context of air pollution becoming a complex problem, there is no alternative to implementing Euro-6. According to the related people, going to Euro-6 will cost only about 2 Lakh more than the current one. Experts say that the pollution can be reduced by going to Euro-6 standards as vehicles play a big role in increasing air pollution in various parts of the country including Kathmandu.

In order to improve the environment, there is currently a provision in India that only BS-6 (equivalent to Euro-6) vehicles can be produced and registered. India has already implemented Euro-6 standards since 2020. India produces Euro-3 standard vehicles only for the purpose of exporting to Nepal. A study by the Department of Environment has shown that the role of vehicles in air pollution in Kathmandu Valley is 30 percent.

Harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide are emitted from vehicles running on petroleum products. Experts are of the opinion that Euro-4 and Euro-6 vehicles will reduce pollution more than Euro-3. Euro-6 standards reduce pollution and since developed countries including neighboring countries have implemented Euro-6 standards, it is appropriate for us to use the same standards.

The Environment Department prepared a draft of Nepal Pollution Standards for the year 2078 a year ago. Using the authority of Section 15 of the Environment Protection Act 2076, the department has tried to set pollution standards for vehicles other than construction equipment such as tractors and dozer cranes, rollers, and excavators to be imported, manufactured, and assembled.

Nepalese businessmen are not ready to join Euro-6 at once. They say that this will cause practical and technical problems. The current president of NADA says that when the Euro-6 standard is implemented, the maintenance of vehicles will be technically advanced and will be based on software, so that kind of manpower has not been prepared. Experts say that there will be no problems in urban areas, but there will be problems in other areas. Since such manpower can be prepared only after two years, they are not ready to go to Euro-6 standard immediately.

Another problem is the price increase. Although the price of commercial vehicles will increase by 30 to 40 percent, traders are not ready to move forward according to the Euro-6 standard immediately. However, the motorbikes currently coming to Nepal are of Euro-6 standard. As Euro-6 standards are in the interest of protecting our environment and the overall interest, everyone concerned should be serious about its implementation.

Traders, consumers, and the government should be serious and move forward in this matter. The government implemented 2056 for the first time after the implementation of Environment Regulations 2054. The standard was similar to Euro-1. After this standard was revised in 2069, Euro-3 standard vehicles started entering the country. Pollution has increased due to the increased use of vehicles and the increase in carbon emissions.

Environments are different according to nature. Nature is of its own kind. No one can change it. It continues to follow policies and rules in its own way and structure. Earth, sky, soil, water, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, lakes, ponds, and oceans are all nature. Today many problems are being created due to climate change. All these problems are caused by human activities. Since our activities are not environmentally friendly, many problems have been observed. The outbreak of many diseases, increase in temperature, flood, drought, lack of rain, excessive rain, and presence of creatures like mosquitoes even in the mountainous regions are the results of climate change. If we are not careful in time, the problem will become more complicated.

We should work together to prevent the destruction of forests, protect them by planting trees, reduce the use of fuel, and properly manage garbage. Industries should be run in an environment-friendly manner, while indiscriminate use of pesticides should be banned. We should make this earth clean and green. Nature should not be exploited. The ability of the earth to flow should also be taken into account. Protecting the environment is one of the main duties of human life. In the current situation, the direct impact on the climate is affecting humans and animals. Due to the destruction and decay of nature, various types of fauna and flora have reached a state of extinction. Many problems are appearing in human life.

Due to the destruction of the environment, problems such as hunger, famine, and infection of new diseases are rampant. In order to protect the environment, emphasis should be placed on the management of the destruction of nature and increasing desertification, urbanization, and nuclear reactors. If we do not manage this problem properly in time then we have to face a dire situation.

Author: Sudarshan Adhikari

(Disclaimer: This article published for educational purposes only)