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Karnali Pradesh Govt Policies and Programs for the Fiscal Year 2079/80

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Karnali Pradesh Govt Policies and Programs for the Fiscal Year 2079-80

The Karnali province Government has presented the policy and program for the Fiscal Year 2079/80. In the meeting of the province assembly held on Tuesday afternoon, the province chief Tilak Pariyar presented the policy and program in the parliament on behalf of the government.

The policies and programs aimed at economic, social transformation, and poverty alleviation are in line with the long-term thinking of the prosperous Karnali people adopted by the first five-year plan of the province. It is mentioned that the successful policies and programs of the past year will be continued with the main objective of cooperation and concern of all, "6 B", namely road, electricity, market, forest, management, and ideas, the main basis of Karnali development.

To develop the province hospital as a specialized referral hospital, to improve the physical infrastructure of the district hospital, to provide specialist manpower, and to gradually reduce the need to travel outside the province for health treatment through the use of information technology. In coordination and collaboration, community health and screening camps and telemedicine services are included in the program.

Similarly, for the improvement of maternal and child health, adolescent, pregnancy, and maternity health awareness and multi-sectoral nutrition-related programs have been continued, and the air rescue program for the survival of at-risk pregnant and maternity women has been continued.

To upgrade the province Ayurveda dispensary as a province Ayurveda hospital and research center, to develop the province hospital as a health science academy, to produce skilled manpower in the health sector within the province, to expand the health insurance program, to manage procurement, storage, and distribution of medicines and health equipment. It has been mentioned that the school health worker program will be continued for the operation of the province supply center and for the health, nutrition, and care of the school children. Senior Citizens, Dalits, Wadi, Vipanna, Raute, Raji, Majhi, Mukta Haliya, Single Women, Persons with Disabilities, Sexual Minorities, Conflict-Affected, Displaced Persons, Disabled, Injured and Martyred Families, HIV Infected Persons The Chief Minister's livelihood program has been continued for the provision of comfortable living.

It is mentioned that the bank account daughter, security lifelong program will be continued by making arrangements for proper management of records and investment in return-oriented sector, construction of province stadium will be intensified to develop necessary sports infrastructure in Karnali to conduct national level sports competitions.

Implementing Karnali Agriculture Sector Assistance System to benefit farmers and entrepreneurs and reduce production costs, run commercial agricultural production programs focusing on high-value agricultural products and marketing in road corridors, continue agricultural technical self-employment programs, and increase farmers' access to organic fertilizers and organic pesticides. The policy and program also include providing subsidies for the production, processing, and transportation of fertilizers and bio-pesticides, formulating land use policy and encouraging land consolidation, encouraging contract, cooperative and collective farming, and barren land cultivation. The laboratory under the Directorate of Animal Husbandry Development will be upgraded as a province-level referral animal hospital for the implementation of apple and Okhar development projects by integrating all the farmers in the cluster with the basic slogan of one ownership of orchards.

Assist in obtaining Origin Certificate of Origin, Branding, Labeling, and Quality Logo for marketing by continuing the program of providing “Valuable” logo reflecting Karnali identity of exportable indigenous and organic high-value goods of Karnali region and declaring the coming Fiscal Year 2079/80 as “Karnali Plantation Year”. It is mentioned that the program will be implemented.

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