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NEB Class 11 and 12 All Subjects Code (Based on New Curriculum)

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NEB Class 11 and 12 All Subjects Code

Grade 11 and 12 syllabus code information: From the information of this center dated 2077-10-25, the curriculum development center from the meeting of the National Examination Board dated 2077-11-2 informed about the secondary education curriculum to be implemented from class 11 to 2077, the subjects to be taught as per 2077 and its code.

At the end of the subject code established by the Curriculum Development Center for the purpose of discussing the subject code of classes 11 and 12 and the subject code of classes 11 and 12 being used by the board after the release of the syllabus.

Since it has been decided to maintain the subject code by adding 1 mark on the theoretical side and 2 marks on the experimental side and send the subject codes in writing to the Curriculum Development Center to inform all concerned.

All concerned are requested to use the code established by the National Examination Board for the purpose of examination and also to inform this center if any error or problem is found in the thematic code.

NEB Class 11 Class 12

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