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Pradesh 2 Lok Sewa Aayog 5th Level Pharmacy Assistant Syllabus

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Pradesh 2 Lok Sewa Aayog 5th Level Pharmacy Assistant Syllabus

Province Public Service Commission (Pradesh 2 Lok Sewa Aayog), Province No. 2, Health Services, Pharmacy Group, Assistant Fifth Level, Open and Inter-Service, Competitive Written Examination Syllabus:

Curriculum Outline: - Based on this syllabus, the examination will be conducted in two stages as follows:
First stage: - Written Exam Marks: - 100
Phase II: Interview Marks: 20

First Phase:

Subject Service-Related
Full Marks 100
Pass Marks 40
Exam System Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 50x2=100
Time 45 Minutes

Second Phase:

Subject Individual
Marks 20
Exam System Interview

(1) The following questions will be asked from the units in the syllabus.

Unit No. of Questions
1 11
2 10
3 10
4 4
5 10
6 5
7 7

(2) 20 percent marks will be deducted for the wrong answer.
(3) No matter what is written in this syllabus, the rules and regulations contained in the syllabus should be considered to have been included in this syllabus 3 months before the date of examination (amended or modified, removed or modified).
(4) Course Application Date: 2078-04-15

1. Development of Pharmacy and Drug Legislation in Nepal.

(a) Development of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Institutions in Nepal.
(b) Drugs Act, 2035: - Production, Export, Import, Sales, Distribution, and Storage of Quality Drugs.
Related provisions, classification of drugs, and drugs banned in Nepal.
(A) The Drugs Act, 2035 and the ten rules and codes issued under it:
- Drug Registration Rules, 2038
- Rules for formation of Drug Advisory Council and Drug Advisory Committee, 2037
- Drug Investigation and Inspection Rules, 2040
- Drug Level Regulations, 2043
- Code of Pharmaceutical Production, 2041

(d) Use of Pharmacopoeia and pharmacopeias recognized in Nepal
(e) National Health Policy and National Drug Policy

2. Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy

(a) Prescription, Proper handling of prescription, Incompatibilities, Adverse drug reactions.

(b) Pharmaceutical dosage forms, Dispensing of pharmaceutical preparations.
(c) Pharmaceutical additives.
(d) Roles of Pharmacist in hospital and community, Patient counseling
(e) National Formulary and Hospital Formulary
(f) Standard Treatment Schedules and rational use of drugs.

3. Emergency and Pharmaceutical Care

(a) Basic knowledge of first aid; Various medical conditions requiring first aid.
(b) Principle and strategy of Primary Health Care in context to National Health Policy
(c) Maternal and Child Health Care.

4. Pharmacognosy

(a) Drying, storage, and quality control of herbal drugs
(b) Extraction process and isolation of active ingredients.

5. Pharmaceutical Analysis

(a) Fundamental titrimetric analysis, acid-base titration.
(b) Basic principle of spectroscopic methods of analysis, Visible and ultraviolet spectroscopy.

(c) Separation techniques, Column, Paper, Thin layer chromatography
(d) Principles of microbiological assay of antibiotics and vitamins.

(e) Sampling technique and use of statistics.

6. Pharmacology & Microbiology
(a) Mechanism and action of drugs, their safety, uses, and mode of administration. (b) Basic knowledge of Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
(c) Basic principles of immunology, sterility, and pyrogen testing

7. Inventory Control & Drug Supply Management

(a) Logistics management and distribution.

(b) Cost recovery drug scheme
(c) Concept of Essential Drugs
(d) Storage of drugs

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