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Pre-Diploma (TSLC) level Special Technical Education Scholarship Program Exam Schedule

Exam 11 Oct 2021 2004 0

CTEVT Building

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Urgent notice regarding regular examination schedule of Special Technical Education Scholarship Program at Pre-Diploma (Technical SLC) level.

According to the information about filling the examination application form published in Gorkhapatra daily on 2078-05-31 by the Examination Control Office of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

Under the Special Technical Education Scholarship Program at Pre-Diploma (Technical SLC) level, students from deprived, Dalit, and Muslim communities across the country have been enrolled and registered in various programs for the academic session 2076/077.

This notice has been published for the information of all concerned as the examination will be conducted as per the following schedule in the educational institution related to the examination.

Exam time: 8:00 a.m.


1) As per the above program, no other arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent in the examination.

2) As the experimental examination will be conducted in the educational institution concerned, the concerned educational institutions should coordinate with the concerned provincial offices of the council and get the examination schedule approved and conduct the examination.

3) As soon as the experimental examination is over, you are coordinated with the council and state offices for sending to OJT.

4) Candidates who fail the internal assessment examination will not be allowed to participate in the external examination. If such candidates are involved in the examination by filling the examination application form, the examination will be canceled automatically and the responsibility should be borne by the principal of the educational institution himself.

5) The examination shall not be postponed even if there is any unexpected leave without the prior notice of the Council, Examination Control Office.

6) Candidates must bring the original admission card with them when they come to take the exam.

7) The health-related standards prescribed by the Government of Nepal shall be fully complied with in the examination center.

8) To conduct the examination in full compliance with the public health standards related to COVID-19 prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

9) To conduct the examination in coordination with the DCMC.

10) To keep the distance of at least 2 meters in the examination center to plan the seats to keep the examinees in the shape of Z.

11) To reduce the possible crowd in the line by admitting the examinees at least one hour before the examination time in the examination center.

12) For the convenience of Case Investigation and Contact Tracing (CICT), each candidate should be asked to fill up the CICT form before the commencement of the examination on the first day and make the consolidated form available to the concerned DCMC.

13) In the case of Covid-19 classified candidates, other general candidates will be admitted only 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination and others will be allowed to exit the examination 30 minutes after the completion of the examination. To arrange the collection of materials used by the infected examinees with utmost care in coordination with the concerned health office.

14) It would be appropriate to coordinate with the concerned DCMC for the vaccination of the principals, teachers, staff, and students involved in the examination operation as much as possible.

The exam schedule can also be viewed at

(Information published date: 2078-06-25)

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