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Tribhuvan University Exam Routine for 4 Years BSc, BBS, BA and B.Ed. 2nd Year 2080

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Tu Exam Routine

Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu Announces Exam Schedule for 4 Years BSc, BBS, BA and B.Ed. 2nd Year 2080

Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu, which will be conducted in accordance with the annual examination system in the year 2080, will be conducted according to the following program for the candidates taking regular examinations for the 4-year Humanities, Pedagogy, Management Faculty, and Institute of Science and Technology Studies. This program is published for the information of all concerned.

1) No further arrangements will be made for the candidates who are absent from the examination according to the above examination schedule.
2) Even if there is an unexpected holiday, the TU Examination will not be postponed without prior notice.
3) If you are going to leave or join any of your subjects or paper exam program to be given the exam, you must inform this office within
7 days from the date of publication on the website. Otherwise, the exam will be conducted according to this program.
4) Contact your respective campus for the practical exam.
5) Log table, Goshwara Voucher, graph, paper, chart, etc. materials required for the examination should be brought by the examinee himself/herself and used with the prior approval of the head of the center.
6) Within 1 month after the completion of the theoretical examination, the concerned campus will have to complete the practical and internal evaluation examination and submit the Paptank U.P. and attendance to this office compulsorily.
7) Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smart watches, Bluetooth, digital diaries, etc. cannot be taken inside the examination hall. Otherwise, the central president can confiscate such goods.
8) According to the notice of filling out the examination application form, TU. Only the subjects prescribed by the rules and the syllabus should be filled in the examination application form and the examination should be done after confirming the course for which the examination is to be given. If it happens otherwise, the campus or the students themselves will be responsible.
9) If the examination is given from any center other than the examination center, the said examination will be canceled automatically.

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