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Bagmati Rural Municipality, Lalitpur

Bhattedanda, Lalitpur

Estd. 2017




Bagmati Rural Municipality, Lalitpur (Bagmati Gaupalika Lalitpur) was formed in 2073 Falgun 22 (March 5, 2017) by merged former seven VDCs under Area No. 1 of Lalitpur District, Ghusel, Malta, Bhattedanda, Putar, Ikudol, Ashrang, and Gimdi (currently Bagmati Rural Municipality Ward No. 1,2,3,4,5).

Bagmati Rural Municipality has a total area of ​​111.49 KM square: Mahankal Rural Municipplaity on the east, Kathmandu District on the west, Godawari Municipality & Konjyosom Rural Municipality on the north, and Makwanpur District on the south.

According to the 2068 BS census, the population of this village municipality is 13,049 and the population density is 117.04 persons per KM square. This village has a majority of Hindus and Buddhists and is inhabited by different castes. According to the data of the National Census 2068, the Brahmin (hill) caste has the highest population, followed by Tamang and Chhetri, and also Magar, Damai, Kami, Ghale, Brahmu and other castes. Tamang and Magar are the other languages ​​spoken here after Nepali. Dashain, Tihar, Krishna Janmashtami Teej, Buddha Purnima and Losar are the major festivals here.

Agriculture and livestock farming account for the largest share of the average family income. Malta Field, Bhattedanda's Radar Area, Siddeswar Mahadev, Mahankalasthan Temple, Ikudol's Majhkhand Buddha Bihar, Ashrang's Ghyampe Daha, Gimdi's Chamero Cave are some of the tourist potentials. If these places can be publicized, the Kanti Lokpath, a short distance connecting Kathmandu and Hetauda through Bagmati Rural Municipality, will be developed as a major tourist destination and tourism business will also be a major source of income. As a result, the milk, paddy, wheat, maize, soybean, zucchini, sorghum, millet, pulses, corn, bean, persimmon, etc currently produced and imported will get fair market price at the local level.

As education is the basis for developing the consciousness of the society, a total of 50 basic and secondary schools are being run in this Gaupalika. There are primary health posts in every ward for the solution and prevention of health problems. At Bhattedanda Primary Health Post, the Rural Municipality has set up its own health laboratory.

The road construction work has been emphasized by declaring FY 074/75 as the year of road to make the people here comfortable for the reconstruction after the 2072 BS earthquake. The Rural Municipality is conducting incentive programs such as paying 50% of the sum insured to the farmers while insuring their livestock under the President's Program with the people, distribution of improved varieties of seeds, power trailers, digital weight machines, and distribution of crate materials.

A tourism master plan has been launched to develop Bagmati Rural Municipality as a tourist destination.

Necessary awareness-based, skill-based income-generating trainings have been arranged for the empowerment and upliftment of women, Janajati Dalits, and oppressed sections. The use of information technology has been strongly promoted with the objective of providing easy access to the people in the activities of Rural Municipality. All the development programs have been done through the formation of consumer committee so that the people feel their own in every development project.

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