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Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE)

Buddhanagar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1971




Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) [वैदेशिक रोजगार विभाग - Biadeshik Rojgar Bibhag] under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security: The Department of Labor was formed in the year 2028 BS (1971 AD). The Department of Labor, which was under the Ministry of Industry at that time, was placed under the Ministry of Labor after its establishment in 2038 BS. After the issuance of the Foreign Employment Act, 2042 BS, the scope of work of the department was expanded and in 2056 BS, the name of the Department of Labor was changed to Department of Labor and Employment Promotion.

Due to the complexity and workload of the work related to foreign employment being carried out by the department, it was established separately in the Foreign Employment Act 2064 BS as a separate department for foreign employment.

As per the decision of the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) dated 26th Manshir 2070 BS, the following 4 offices have been established within the Kathmandu Valley to carry out all the work related to the approval of labor in the country:

  • Foreign Employment Kathmandu Office
  • Foreign Employment Malaysia Branch
  • Foreign Employment Qatar Branch
  • Foreign Employment Saudi Arabia Branch

Major functions of the department:

Policy work

  • Acts, rules, directives, policy work related to foreign employment.
  • Work-related to labor agreement with destination country related to foreign employment.
  • Cooperation with stakeholders in national and international organizations.
  • Coordination and cooperation on foreign employment and international immigration.

Regulatory work

  • Issuance, renewal, action, and revocation of foreign employment business license.
  • To allow and regulate the institutions providing training related to foreign employment orientation.
  • To renew and regulate the registration of domestic worker training organizations.
  • Other works related to monitoring and inspection.
  • Work-related to investigation and prosecution
  • Work-related to the investigation of foreign employment-related complaints.
  • Case filed in Foreign Employment Tribunal on the basis of investigation.
  • Economic work related to departmental punishment for foreign employment offenses.
  • Coordination in providing relief and compensation to the workers.
  • Prohibition of business of businessmen and blacklisting of employer companies.
  • Fraud control activities in foreign employment.
  • Foreign Employment Complaints Management.
  • Facilitation of workers at the airport.
  • Work-related to the flow of information to workers at 14 airports.
  • Rescue of workers and lobbying support in the destination country.

Promotional and research work (to be done in coordination with the Foreign Employment Promotion Board)

  • Public awareness flow of information.
  • Assistance and cooperation in relation to safe immigration.
  • Identify potential destinations.
  • Identification of employment market demand areas.

Daily operations

  • Work related to staff administration.
  • Work related to financial administration.
  • Records management work.
  • Information management related work.

Branches of the department

A) Administration, planning, and organization registration

B) Labor Room Branch

C) Financial Administration Branch

D) Foreign Employment Research and Promotion Branch

E) Rescue and Relief Coordination Branch

F) Monitoring and Orientation Branch

G) Information Technology Branch

H) Research and Issue Branch

Contact Details:

Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE)

Buddhanagar-10, Kathmandu, Nepal

Administration Branch: +977-1-4782616

Institution Registration Branch: + 977-1-4782648

Financial Administration Branch: + 977-1-4782658

Audio Notice Baird No. 1618014782648


Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Contact Details of Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), Kathmandu


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