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Devghat Rural Municipality

Devghat, Tanahun

Estd. 2017




Devghat Rural Municipality was incorporated in 2017 by forming Devghat, Kota, Baidi and Chhipchhipe Village Development Committees. The headquarters of this rural municipality is located in Devghat, Tanahun District, Gandaki Province of Nepal.

Devghat Dham has been familiar with it as a holy pilgrimage place. As mentioned in the Scriptures, this holy land has been named Devghat, because of the settlement of the gods in this land. According to the scriptures, it is said that according to Hindu scriptures, there is no salt in this charity by showering the Chardham area and if human life becomes useless, it is not worthless to pay for this pilgrimage, except for the pilgrimage only.

The religious tourism sector is a major role in the religious tourism sector as well as important areas of importance in this village, formed by the center of this holy temple, formed by the natural, historical religious beauty of the village. Voting boat boats to take different entertainment in Devghat river have been kept for foreign guests. It is a very important place for travelers to see the scenic nature of Haryana forest, winging on the water of the beautiful sacred river, which is flowing by various rivers. It can be considered the only pilgrimage in the world when it is able to sing this land with man-made resources and means.

The total area of the Gaupalika is 159.9 Sq. km, in the east of Tukhubareini G.P. According to Central Statistics Department, National Census 2068, the total households of this village have 3435 and the total population of 16131 male 7484 and women 8647.

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