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Dharmadevi Municipality

Mude Sanischare, Sankhuwasabha

Estd. 2017




Introduction to Dharmadevi Municipality:

According to the decision of the Government of Nepal on the date of 2073/11/26, the Dharmadevi Municipality (धर्मदेवी नगरपालिका) was constituted by the combination of Swami Tamafok, Mamling, and Aakhibhui VDC, About 40 km north-south of Koshi highway. Part of is touched. Each municipality will have its own separate seal of a separate municipality. The municipality can acquire and sell real estate as a person. The municipality has also arranged operation of the municipality as it is stated that the person may file a complaint with the same name as the person and above it. The geographical location, nomenclature and long-term thinking, purpose, and actions of this municipality are mentioned below.

Geographical location:

Introduction of Dharmadevi Municipality (Summary)

Establishment of Municipality: As per the decision of the Council of Ministers on 2073/11/26


Latitude: 27.490 to 27.510 north.

Longitude: Longitude 87.210 to 87.260 East.

Area: 132.82

Height from sea level: 112 to 2470 meters


A) East: Madi Municipality and Laligunras Municipality, Terhathum

B) West: Dhankuta and Bhojpur districts

C) North: Chainpur and Madi NP.

D) South: Mahalaxmi Municipality, Dhankuta, and Tehrathum districts

The Dharmadevi Municipality was nominated as per the decision of the Council of Ministers of Nepal Government on 2076/11/26. Administrative division of the city

Federal Province No.: 1

Development Zone: Eastern Region

Zone: Koshi

District: Sankhuwasabha

Headquarters: Khandbari

Constituency: 2 no.

Total ward number: 9

Main rivers: Arun

Rivers: Maya, Piluwa, Muluwa, Kewa, Thute, Kikuwa, Teendobhane, Ralhachung

Contact Details of Dharmadevi Municipality, Sankhuwasabha


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