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Madhesh Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS)

Janankpurdham, Janakpur

Estd. 2021




Madhesh Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS) was established in 2021 as a government medical educational institution located in Janakpurdham, Dhanusha Province 2 of Nepal. The Madhesh Swasthaya Bigyan Pratisthan established to help in fulfilling the aspiration of the people of the province to treat all the diseases within the hospital in a comfortable manner.


  • To create sustainable local capacity for the specialized health care of the people.
  • 500 Bed Specialised Teaching Hospital (Upgrading & Transformation of Provincial Hospital).
  • Postgraduate Education facility as early as possible at Provincial Hospital.

Values: Passion, collaboration, integrity, good governance, and empowerment.

Vision: A province where timely and appropriate health care is accessible to everyone,.

Mission: To reduce suffering, disability, and poverty in Province-2 by enhancing specialized health care, research & education.

Action Plan:

  • To complete the obligations of the MIHS Act-2077: appointments & nominations.
  • To convene the meeting of Sanchalak Parishad (Senate).
  • To approve the budget.
  • To approve Academic Program.
  • To draw future plan of action (Project Committee).

Plans & Programs:

  • Establish facility for undergraduate teaching in Medical, Dental & Nursing Specialty: MBBS, BDS, BSc/BN Nursing, and others.
  • Acquisition of land and development of 700 Bed Teaching Hospital with all necessary infrastructure and equipment.

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