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Phidim Municipality

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Phidim Municipality (Phidim Nagarpalika):

Phidim Municipality is the headquarters of the Panchthar District in the Mechi Zone of eastern Nepal. Phidim was incorporated into a 'municipality' from a 'VDC', when a development committee merged with other VDCs - including the Phidim, Chokmagu and Siwa villages dated May 18, 2014. Phidim is also a business hub for the rural surroundings.

Panchthar district located in the far east of Nepal belongs to province no.1 according to the new structure of the federal republican parliamentary system. This district is divided into one municipality and 7 Rural Municipality with different identities. Phidim is the district headquarters in the municipality. This municipality is located at a height of 1373 feet Phidim-4 Mazitar from the sea level and 10737 feet from Chintapudanda height of Lungarupa. It has been restructured by eight village development committees of the old structure and has an area of ​​192.5 sq km. As per the National Census 2011 AD, there is a total population of 49201.

In ancient times this district, known as Pallo Kirant, was located in the center of the Limbuwan area. In the district headquarters of Phidim (Phiden), it is customary for the kings of the ten Limbuwan regions to make a joint meeting and decide on collective matters on a pilgrimage site called Ambepajo by Chumlung. Though there is no clear basis for the nomination of this district, the people have been considered as the basis for the nomination. On the basis of this word, after the unification of Nepal, the decisions made on the religious culture and customs of Pheden, which were present in the government of Nepal, were approved by the then king, because of Limbuwan's customs, the name of the area was Panthar and later used as indiscriminate. On the other hand, the word Panchthar is used in describing 550 BC fare history. Similarly, the word Phidim is found to be Fidim, transliterated by the indifference to the word "Pheden" in the Limbu language.

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