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The Policy Research Institute (Niti Anusandhan Pratishthan - नीति अनुसन्धान प्रतिष्ठान) stands as a central figure in the think tank landscape of Nepal, established through the Policy Research Institute Development Board (formation) Order 2018. As a governmental advisory body, PRI's inception is a testament to the Nepalese government's dedication to informed policymaking, directly derived from the constitutional provisions outlined in Articles 51 and 54. PRI plays a crucial role in elevating public policy development with its comprehensive research and analytical expertise.

Objectives and Mandate of PRI

PRI’s establishment was driven by the need for a robust analytical foundation in public policy discourse. It focuses on:

  • Reviewing and analyzing public policies, programs, and strategies
  • Delivering well-grounded policy recommendations to the Government of Nepal
  • Conducting studies across diverse public sectors
  • Bridging knowledge and policy formulation inline with constitutional mandates

With a broad mandate encompassing sectors such as economic development, national security, and social justice, PRI operates through a lens of transparency and good governance. The Institute addresses an array of research domains including civil service reform, environmental protection, and international relations.

Research Approach and Collaboration

Utilizing a team of adept in-house researchers, consultants, and various collaborators, including academic institutions, PRI ensures the dissemination of its findings to both the government and the general populace. The Institute’s commitment to quality and rigor in research is mirrored in its dynamic operation and evolving methodological frameworks.

Institutional Progress and Development

PRI's evolution as a law-abiding entity signifies its progress and its adherence to legal governance. This progression is highlighted by:

  • Recruitment of required human resources
  • Development of systematic, scientific research methodologies
  • Formulation of internal guidelines for research and operations
  • Advancement of the Policy Research Bill 2076 for legislative approval

Vision, Mission, and Goal

PRI's vision of fostering effective and responsive public policy aims at propelling Nepal towards national prosperity. As a credible institution, PRI's mission is to supply informed public policy advisories. Its overarching goal is to produce reliable and transformative knowledge, impacting public policy positively.

Core Values of PRI

PRI's values form the cornerstone of its operational philosophy:

  • Quality: PRI champions excellence, creativity, and innovation in all its endeavors.
  • Diversity: Embracing a wide spectrum of perspectives, PRI values an inclusive environment grounded in meritocracy.
  • Integrity: Adherence to ethical principles is non-negotiable for PRI, ensuring honesty, respect, and cooperation.
  • Objectivity: Critical thinking and evidence-based analysis are the mainstays of PRI's approach.
  • Transparency: PRI maintains openness in its activities, aligning with its foundational values and promoting public access to information.
  • Engagement: Actively seeking diverse viewpoints, PRI values stakeholder engagement to enrich its research.
  • Accountability: With a clear chain of command and a peer-accountability culture, PRI stands committed to prudent resource management and transparent operations.

The Policy Research Institute is not just a repository of knowledge but a beacon of informed policymaking, contributing significantly to the discourse on Nepal's development and governance. Through its diligent work and adherence to its core values, PRI is poised to make a lasting impact on the country's policy landscape.

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