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The National Investigation Department (Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag - in Nepali: राष्ट्रिय अनुसन्धान विभाग) is an intelligence agency established in the Union as provided in the Constitution of Nepal. It is the responsibility of this organization to provide all kinds of information required by the government for the protection of the independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, independence, internal and national security, and interests of the state of Nepal.

In addition to various areas of national security, the important task of the department is to collect information related to economic and financial crimes, terrorism, organized crime, and other crimes, religion, culture, language, and disrupting the harmony between communities. The Central Office of this Department is located at Singha Durbar under the Office of the Government of Nepal, Prime Minister, and Council of Ministers.

The Department of National Investigation cordially requests the general Nepali citizens to contribute to the strengthening of the national security system by providing any information that will help in the promotion of national security and national interest.

The National Investigation Department (NID) holds a pivotal position as Nepal's sole intelligence agency, underlining its integral role within the government's security architecture. Tasked with the crucial responsibilities of gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information, both from within Nepal and across the globe, the NID operates as a central figure in the nation's defense strategy alongside the Army, Police, and Armed Police Force. With a primary focus on intelligence, the NID addresses both visible and invisible threats, positioning it as a key player in safeguarding the country's security.

In an era defined by the paramount importance of information and technology, the NID's role becomes increasingly vital. Recognizing that no institution or government can operate effectively without accurate information, the NID's contributions are essential to shaping the national security policy of Nepal. It delves into various domains, including internal and international threats, public satisfaction, conflicts on different issues, political movements, crime trends, and the socio-economic status of the country. These areas are critical for the government to strategize and navigate through the complexities of governance and security.

As the most important and reputable organization within the nation, the NID's headquarters is strategically located in Singha Durbar, with its operations extending across all seventy-five districts of the country. Membership in this esteemed agency is not only a matter of pride but also a testament to the commitment to serve and protect the nation. The NID's recruitment system, which is updated annually, ensures the agency is staffed with individuals dedicated to the mission of national security.

The NID's comprehensive approach to intelligence gathering highlights its indispensable role in informing and guiding the government's strategic decisions. By providing a clear and accurate picture of the national and international landscape, the NID enables Nepal to navigate through challenges with informed precision, thereby playing a crucial role in the maintenance of national security and the advancement of the country's interests on the global stage.

NID, stands as the principal intelligence body established under the Constitution of Nepal. Tasked with a broad mandate, the NID is entrusted with gathering and providing critical information to the government to safeguard the nation's independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, and overall national security. Its responsibilities span a wide array of security concerns, including monitoring economic and financial crimes, terrorism, organized crime, and other illegal activities, as well as factors affecting the country's cultural, religious, and linguistic harmony. Located at Singha Durbar, within the precincts of the Office of the Government of Nepal, Prime Minister, and Council of Ministers, the NID operates at the heart of Nepal's administrative framework.

The NID encourages active participation from the Nepali public in reinforcing national security measures, inviting citizens to share pertinent information that could aid in upholding national interests. This collaborative approach emphasizes the department's dedication to maintaining a secure and stable Nepal, with assurances of confidentiality for the information and its sources. The NID's role is further highlighted by its position among the four major security-related agencies in Nepal, alongside the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Army, distinguishing itself with a unique focus on intelligence gathering and analysis. Unlike the Central Investigation Bureau and the Directorate of Military Intelligence, which are branches of the Nepal Police and Nepal Army respectively, the NID specializes in a wide range of intelligence activities, from public security to cross-border terrorism, thereby playing a pivotal role in the nation's comprehensive security strategy.

Information may be made available on the Department and its affiliated offices or on the Department's website ( The security and source of the information received by the department will be kept completely confidential.

List of Chiefs National Investigation Department:

  • Rom Bahadur Thapa
  • Padam Bahadur Shah
  • Dhundiraj Sharma
  • Hark Bahadur Thapa
  • Ram Prasad Shrestha
  • Chanda Bahadur Rai
  • Lekh Bahadur Pandey
  • Bishnuraj Pant
  • Govindakarm Thapa
  • Haribabu Chaudhary
  • Deviram Sharma
  • Dhan Singh Karki
  • Ashok Dev Bhatt
  • Moti Bahadur Gurung
  • Jit Bahadur KC
  • Dilipraj Regmi
  • Ganesh Prasad Adhikari
  • Yadulal Kharel
  • Hutraj Thapa

Contact Details:

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: +977-1-4211559

Email: [email protected]


Provincial offices:

  • National Investigation No. 1 Province Office Dharan, Sunsari - 025-520567
  • National Investigation No. 2 Province Office Janakpur, Dhanusha - 041-420133
  • National Research Bagmati Province Office Hetauda, ​​Makwanpur- 057-521341
  • National Research Gandaki Province Office Pokhara, Kaski- 061-464552
  • National Research Lumbini Province Office Butwal, Rupandehi - 071-540127
  • National Research Karnali Province Office Virendranagar, Surkhet - 083-521781
  • National Research Sudurpashchim Province Office Dhangadhi, Kailali - 091-521177

Contact Details of Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag, Kathmandu


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