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1. Geographical introduction:

According to the constitution of Nepal, Nepal was divided into 7 provinces. Out of these, Sudurpaschim Pradesh was formed in 4 districts of former Mahakali Zone and 5 districts of Seti Zone. Similarly, from the point of view of climate, all types of climate (from hot monsoon to tundra) found in Nepal exist in this state.

A) Location

It covers an altitude of 109 m to 7132 m and extends from 28 ° 22 ”North latitude to 30 ° 09” North latitude and from 80 ° 03 ”East longitude to 81 ° 25” E longitude. (7132 m) and Hocho as Kailali district (109 m).

B) Area

The total area of ​​Nepal is 147181 sq. Km. In the Sudurpaschim Province in 19539 sq. Km. I.e. occupying 13.27% of the area. It covers a total area of ​​7932.834 sq. Km. (40.60%), hilly terrain 6748.7706 sq. Km. (34.54%) and lowland area 4857.3954 sq. Km. (24.86%). This province has a more hilly and mountainous terrain. This province is located in the western part of the state of Nepal. It consists of 2 districts (Kailali and Kanchanpur) in the Terai region, 4 districts (Doti, Dadeldhura, Achham, Baitadi) in the hilly region and 3 districts (Darchula, Bajhang, and Bajura) in the Himalayan region.

C) Boundary

It is bounded on the east by Surkhet, Dailekh, Kalikot, and Mugu districts of Karnali province and Bardiya district of Province No. 5. India on the west and south, Humla district of Karnali province on the north and Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

2. Political-administrative division:

According to the Constitution of Nepal, Nepal is divided into 753 local levels, 7 provinces, and a federal government. Out of this division, there are 9 districts including 4 districts of Mahakali Zone Darchula, Baitadi, Dadeldhura and Kanchanpur, Bajhang, Bajura, Doti, Achham and Kailali of Seti Zone. There are 88 local levels including 1 sub-metropolitan, 33 municipalities, and 54 village municipalities.

3. Demographic details:

According to the 2068 census, the total population of Nepal is 2,552,517 out of 2,64,94,504 which is 9.63% of the total population. Out of this male population is 12,17,887 and female population is 13,34,630.

A) Distribution of population on the basis of geography

Based on the geographical area, the population of the Sudurpaschim Province is 4,63,345 (18.16%) in the Himalayan region, 8,62,215 (33.78%) in the hilly region, and 12,26,957 (48.06%) in the Terai region.

4. Major rivers and lakes

The major rivers of this state are Seti and Mahakali. Among the major lakes in the region, Kailali District Ghodaghodi Lake is known as a wetland area listed in the World Heritage List and is also famous from a religious point of view. Jhilmila Lake in Kanchanpur district, Bedkot Lake, Alital in Dadeldhura, Chhatiwan Lake in Doti district, etc. and Khaptad Lake in Doti, Achham, Bajhang, and Bajura districts are the major tourist attractions of the region.

5. Major religious sites

There are many religious places in this state. Among them is Khaptad of Doti, Ramaroshan of Achham, Badimalika of Bajura, Tapovan of Bajhang, Rishikunda, and Surmasarobar, Raulakedar and Sigas of Baitadi, Marlkarjun of Darchula, Latinath, Gallakedar and Hunainath, Behdaba of Kailali.

The major temples of this region are Badimalika in Bajura, Surmadebi, Jalphadebi, Mashta, and Durga in Bajhang, Marlkarjun of Darchula, Latinath, Gallakedar, Tripurapurasundari of Baitadi, Ningalasaini, Jagannath, Ishwari Gangadham, Krishna Mandir, Maharudra, Melaudali, Maharudra. Ghanteshwar, Dotighatal and Betal, Baijnath of Achham, Burmadevi, Shaileshwari of Doti, K. Dedar, Lanakedareshwar, Siddhanath, Baijnath and Vishnu temples of Kanchanpur, Godavari, Bandevi, Benhana Baba and Naina Devi of Kailali are prominent.

6. Major tourist destinations

Major tourist destinations in the region are Khaptad, Budhinanda Devi, Shuklaphata, Surmasarobar Lake, Mahabharat Parvat, Ghanghashyalek, Bhelchhada, Patal Bhumeshwar, Raulakedar, Ghodaghodi Lake, Ajaymerukot, Alital, Betkot, Vyas Himal, Saipal Himal, Badimalika, Melalika Park, Api Himal, Ramaroshan area, Dodharachadni suspension bridge, Karnali bridge, etc.

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