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Tansen Municipality

Tansen, Palpa

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Tansen Municipality (तानसेन नगरपालिका) is the district headquarter of Palpa district located in province no. 5 of Nepal. It is famous for its natural beauty along with many historical monuments and diversified cultural heritage. Since the municipality was established in March
of 1950, it is considered as the third oldest municipality in the country. Until 1992, the municipality had only 11 wards, however, it was extended to 15 wards after 1993 and as per the federal structure, there are only 14 wards after 2017. The area of the municipality is 109.8 Sq. KM with 459 population density per square kilometer.

According to the history, RudraSen, son of King Chandra Sen who was the tenth generation of the SenDynasty had established the Palpa Kingdom in 1506 AD. King RudraSen, then known as a powerful emperor had extended the territory of Palpa Kingdomwidely and declared "Tansen" the capital of the state. Some historians claim that the name "Tansen" had
been formulated by Sen dynasty, however, some sociologists emphasize that "Tansen" is a modified term of "Tansing" originated from Magar language, more than 50% population are belonging to Magar ethnic within the district.

1. Geographical Situation:

  • Longitude: 83°31’49” - 83°34’45”(Earth)
  • Latitude: 27°52’11” - 27°52’21”(North)
  • Area: 109.8 Sq. K.M.

Temperature (Average): 24 Degree Celcius

  • Maximum: 35°C
  • Minimum : 0°C

Climate: Sub Tropical 


  • Maximum: 1900 mm
  • Average: 1600 mm(Yearly)

Major Rivers: Kali Gandaki, TinauKhola, DumreKhola, KurungKhola, BarangdiKhola

Lake/Pond: Prabhas Lake, Kamal Pokhari Argali

2. Boundary:

  • East: Bagnaskali Rural Municipalit
  • West: Ribdikot Rural Municipality
  • North: Bagnaskali Rural Municipality
  • South: Tinau and Mathagadi Rural Municipality

3. Demographic Status

  • Population: 50405
  • Female: 27589
  • Male: 22816
  • Total Households: 13646
  • Density: 459/Sq.KM
  • Population Growth Rate: -0.28%/Year

4. Cast and Ethnic

  •  Magar: 31.98%
  • Brahmin(Hill): 27.74%
  • Kshetri : 14.66%
  • Newar: 11.47%
  • Bishwokarma:  6.73%
  • Other: 7.42%
  •   Average Family Members: 3.69

5. Major Religion

  • Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Christian

7. Literacy:

  • Total Literacy Rate: 83.44%
  • Female Literacy: 77.60%
  • Male Literacy Rate: 90.72%

Geographical Map Tansen Municipality, Palpa:


Contact Details:

Tansen Municipality ( तानसेन नगरपालिका)

Tansen, Palpa, Lumbini Pradesh, Nepal

Phone: +977-75-520909, +977-75-520109, +977-75-520893

Email: [email protected]


Contact Details of Tansen Municipality, Palpa


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