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Thaha Municipality

Shikharkot, Makwanpur

Estd. 2014




Thaha municipality (थाहा नगरपालिका) is the second municipality of Makwanpur district in central Nepal. As per the decision of the Government of Nepal dated 25th Baishakh 2071 BS, this municipality has been declared covering the entire territory of the former hilly VDCs of Daman, Palung, and Bajrabarahi in the northern part of the district. The name of this municipality is the Thaha Municipality in memory of the late Mr. Rupchand Bista who was running the Thaha campaign to motivate the people to be informed and aware. The desire of the people of this region to become city dwellers has been fulfilled only after the continuous efforts of the local people for nearly two decades since 2052 BS to declare this old city known as the historic city of Tistung Palung.

This municipality is located in the middle of the Mahabharata range as a valley. The Daman View Tower in the upper part of the city offers a panoramic view of more than 25 high peaks, including the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. Due to its attractive footpaths, temperate climate, various religious sites, and abundant biodiversity, this city has great potential to be developed as a tourist city. Abundant fertile agricultural land seems to be proving to be another boon of the region. Farmers in the region export only Rs 1 billion worth of vegetables annually to major cities and neighboring India. The country's oldest highway, the Tribhuvan Highway, connects the Chirde Terai and Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, from the center of the city. Located between the district headquarters and the capital Kathmandu, the road distance between the two cities is about 65 km.

This municipality in the northern part of Makwanpur district is truly unique. Connected to the capital, the municipality is known for its climate, biodiversity, attractive tourist sites, fertile agricultural land, and cultural diversity. Famous Simbhanjyang, Daman View Tower, Kot Thumki, famous Risheshwar Temple, Manakamana Temple, ancient style settlements, are the properties of Thaha Nagar that attract tourists. Similarly, abundant fertile agricultural land is another boon of this region.

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Location: Thaha Municipality -7, Shikharkot, Makwanpur, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal

Telephone: +977-57-400056

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