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Tinau Rural Municipality

Dobhan, Palpa

Estd. 2017




Tinau Rural Municipality (तिनाउ गाउँपालिका, पाल्पा) was established as a local level government in 2017 AS (2073 BS). Tinau Gaupalika was Formed by merging former Kachal, Dobhan, Koldanda, and Masyam VDCs are divided into 6 wards. The Magar caste has a mythological history including 75% Dalit caste 12%, and other castes including Vahun, Chhetri, Newar, Gurung, Kumal, Thakali 13%, and 1 household including the endangered Pattharkatta (Kushwadia) caste. Named after the famous Tinau River of Palpa District, Tinau Rural Municipality is located in a beautiful environment.

Tinau Rural Municipality, located southwest of Tansen, the district headquarters of Palpa, is an important rural municipality of the district. It is connected to Mathagadhi Rural Municipality to the east, Rainadevi Chhahra Rural Municipality to the west, Tansen Municipality and Ribdikot Rural Municipality to the north, and Butwal Sub-municipality and Sainamina Municipality of Rupandehi District to the south.

In the village of Tinahu, which is going to be established as an urban center cut off from the middle of the Siddhartha Highway in the lap of the famous Siddhababa temple; It seems that the separate identity of the village should be maintained by increasing the urban basic services like roads, drinking water, electricity, education, and health.

Palpa district has vast potential from natural, religious, and tourist areas such as wide area of ​​Tinau river, plain agricultural plain, green forest, Jantilung, Ringsinglake, Patan, Thuliudang, Hattilek, Satyawatital, Suketal, Jitgadhi, Nuwakot, Ramapithecus area, and Siddhavawa temple. The district is also important from economic, social, religious, and tourism points of view.

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Tinau Rural Municipality

Dobhan, Palpa, Lumbini Pradesh, Nepal

Phone: +977-75-413063, +977-75-413064

Email: [email protected]


Contact Details of Tinau Rural Municipality, Palpa


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