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Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA), Itahari

Itahari, Sunsari

Estd. 1958




Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA), Itahari, Sunsari [Byabasayik Tatha Sip Bikash Talim Pratisthan, Itahari - व्यावसायिक तथा सीप विकास तालिम प्रतिष्ठान, इटहरी] established under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Government of Nepal.

The Vocational Training Center, Biratnagar was established in the year 2016 BS (1958 AD) at Biratnagar Jute Mill Complex with the objective of providing concrete knowledge and skills to the country's manpower to suit the national and international market and to produce employment capable, skilled and efficient manpower.

Established as Labor Supply Center, Itahari in 2034 BS, Skills Development Training Center, Itahari was established in 2039 BS with the objective of providing employment and self-employment to the unemployed youth.

Later, in the year 2061 BS, as per the decision of the government, Vocational Training Center, Biratnagar, Skill Development Training Center, Katari, Skill Development Training Center, Okhaldhunga, and Skill Development Training Center, Itahari. In doing so, it has been preparing manpower to compete in the national and international labor market by modifying the subjects of skill-based training according to the changing structure and time and market demand.

Vocational and Skill Development Training Centers (VSDTC) have been established in 16 places under the Ministry of Labor and Employment with the objective of increasing the access of young people scattered in different parts of the country to skill-oriented training and creating skilled manpower for employment and self-employment. It was decided to set up three (3) training centers at Bhaisepati, Butwal, and Itahari in 2075 BS as vocational and Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA) under the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security.

In addition, the post structure of the former training center has been modified and now the post structure of 13 employees including the Executive Director (Gazetted Second Class) has been established in the academy.

The institute is conducting skill-based training in general mechanics, electrical connection, plumbing, hairdressing, hairdressing, electronics repair, mobile phone repair, motorcycle repair, auto mechanics, computer, Cook, housekeeping, cleaner and other subjects.


  • To reduce unemployment by preparing skilled and skilled manpower to compete in the national and international labor market.


  • To help to reduce unemployment by developing an entrepreneurial, efficient, skilled labor force that can compete in the domestic and foreign labor market.
  • To reduce unemployment and increase the scope of income by providing employment-oriented training to the target group.
  • To conduct vocational and skill-based training in collaboration with local level and non-governmental organizations.
  • To continue adopting measures to make the acquired skill-based training productive and rewarding.
  • Creating an environment to promote self-employment opportunities by increasing vocational and skill development training opportunities and conducting such training close to the service recipients.
  • To conduct and manage training to prepare a skilled workforce in the subjects and areas where employment and self-employment opportunities are possible
  • To develop manpower capable of finding and utilizing employment opportunities.


  • Some of the policy provisions related to vocational and skill-based training in Labor and Employment Policy 2071
  • The establishment of local labor-based industries will be encouraged.
  • Entrepreneurship training and business development services will be provided to start small and medium enterprises and necessary policies and programs will be formulated to expand the business and create a conducive environment to benefit from large investments.
  • Access to credit, information, and business development services will be increased to establish and expand micro, small and medium enterprises by youth, women, indigenous, tribal, and marginalized groups.
  • Traditional occupations of Dalit, endangered, marginalized, and backward communities will be encouraged to make the transformation into cooperatives systematic and productive.
  • The training areas demanded by the market will be expanded by increasing the capacity of central and local level training institutes run by the government, non-government and private sectors.

Working Area:

  • All districts under Province 1, and Madhesh Pradesh under Saptari and Siraha

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