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Be Aware of Broken Heart Syndrome

Lifestyle 19 Jan 2019 4858 0

Be Aware of Broken Heart Syndrome

The broken heart is not only a saying but a problem related to the heart, which can be a major cause of cardiac arrest and heart attack. Many people in the world are battling Broken Heart syndrome. Broken Heart syndrome has been found in the country for some time now. It is also commonly called ‘takotsubo syndrome’ in the medical term.

Broken Heart Syndrome is a similar disease in which a part of the heart becomes temporarily weak when there is a stroke. It’s a muscular dysfunction, which reduces its pumping capacity. It is also called Stress Cardiomyopathy. Often this condition occurs when mental depression is high. That is why people are often advised to be happy. you have to be aware of broken heart syndrome. 

These are symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome:

The symptoms may be related to pain in the chest, breathlessness, dizziness, excess sweating, blood pressure loss, gobbling, irregular heartbeats, and medical advice.

What happens in Broken Heart?

In the case of death of a loved one in the home or in the case of a breakup, the level of the stress level becomes high, due to which the muscles of the left ventricular part of the heart in the heart become impaired, narrowing the contraction. Oxygen cannot reach the correct amount of blood from temporary shrinkage to heart in blood vessels. For this reason, a person has chest pain; this condition is similar to heart attack.

1. Women are more affected by this disease:

Broken Heart syndrome is more common in women than men. They are also in women over 50 years of age. It is believed that it is found more in women because catecholamine and Glucocorticoid release is more due to estrogen hormone excess of mental stress in women. These are both stress hormones, which are the main causes of bronchial heart syndrome.

2. Difference between Heart Attack and Broken Heart Syndrome:

Blood vessels are found in heart attacks in the heart attack but there is no blockage available in Vessels in Broken Heart syndrome. It is time to treat its symptoms and treat it through certain types of cardiac medicines.

3. You Can Die From Broken Heart:

If people win with the pain of heartbreak for a long time then they increase the chances of this disease, which is not easy to cure. According to research, the reason for the death of people due to this disease is the weakness of the mussels. In this research, 52 patients suffering from broken heart syndromes have been kept under observation for 4 months.

4. Happy Heart Syndrome:

Broken Heart syndrome also happens due to sudden happiness. If a person suddenly knows about the happiness of the person, the person whose expectation could not be done at all, even in that condition, due to the sudden increase in the level of stress hormone stimulating our body, one part of the heart is absolutely reduced work, also known as Happy Heart Syndrome. But often it does not appear to be so common. 

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