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Kathmandu Naturopathy Hospital Started Health Service

Lifestyle 27 Oct 2019 1775 0

Kathmandu Naturopathy Hospital Started Health Service

Kathmandu Naturopathy Hospital is here to provide yoga and natural medicine services.

The hospital will be treated without surgery and without medication, according to Dr. Yanjan Gare, director of the hospital.

In the hospital, the non-drug treatment system will be treated through natural medicine, yoga therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, diet consultation and lifestyle clinic.

The hospital, which includes intimate services, outdoor services, labs, extra-specialty lodging rooms, will treat patients from a friendly, experienced and specialist natural therapist, physiotherapist, yoga therapist, natural therapist, in the hospital, said Ganesh Pandey, president of the hospital.

The hospital has started a 'systematic lifestyle clinic' for survival not only for the sick but also for the healthy.