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Mental Health Incorporating into Basic Healthcare

Lifestyle 07 Sep 2019 1022 0

Mental Health

The Ministry of Health and Population has also included mental health in basic healthcare. For the first time, both the medical aspects of mental health and counseling are included in basic services, the ministry said. 

The Tara Pokharel, the chief of the therapeutic division of the ministry, informed the program at a program organized by the Institute of Mental Health and the Health Journalists Forum here today. 

The World Health Organization has defined the condition as a mental disorder, resulting in confusion in multiple activities of the brain, including emotions, emotions, memory, thoughts, speech, and consciousness. The organization said that the mental health situation in Nepal has been getting complicated in recent times. On the other hand, the Ministry has also issued a mental health policy to address mental health. 

Pokharel said that the Ministry had also conducted mental health programs in seven districts of all seven provinces to address mental health. 

Assistant Secretary of the Ministry, Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh, informed that the staff integration process towards the health service has reached the final stage, adding that survey work on the new staff status will be started after the integration is completed. According to him, the ministry has started the study of minimum service quality criteria of government health services after the implementation of federalism in healthcare. So far, 83 studies of 113 hospitals have been completed. 

The study included areas of hospital governance, treatment services, medicines, equipment, and manpower. On the other hand, the Ministry has increased the number of postgraduate study seats to seven to produce mental health specialists. 

In the program, Executive Director of Nepal Nepal, Matrika Devkota, urged the inclusion of mental health issues in the school curriculum, to improve the quality of services provided and to bring about awareness programs. The organization has also been assisting in the awareness, rescue and treatment services of mental illness.