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Phewa Care Home Providing Residential and Daycare Services to Patients after Hospital Discharge

Lifestyle 15 Aug 2021 2169 0

Phewa Care Home Providing Residential and Daycare Services

Phewa Care Home Pvt. Ltd. has been established in Pokhara for the first time with the objective of providing residential and daycare services to patients after hospital discharge. The care home has been set up at the joint initiative of specialist doctors working in various hospitals in Pokhara, metrons who have worked in the nursing service for more than two decades, experienced physiotherapists, health professionals who have worked in the health sector for decades, food and nutritionists. 

Patients who are discharged from the hospital, especially those who do not need to be hospitalized, and who have complications and risks for care at home, are kept in this center.

In addition, patients coming to Pokhara from far and wide for treatment who have to go to the hospital for regular follow-up after treatment, due to the high cost, time, and risk of visiting such patients, such organization Phewa Care has been promoted to manage residential health services. Home has given information.

Even after hospital discharge, the condition of some patients becomes critical and the condition may worsen when such patients are taken home, so the patient can be kept in this center till his condition returns to normal.

In particular, patients who need oxygen supplementation, tracheostomy, bedsores, cerebral palsy, and regular physiotherapy will be able to avail services at this center. According to Prof. Lee, it provides 24-hour nursing care under the supervision of a doctor, 24-hour caregiver service without having to stay in Kuruva, physiotherapy, lab, food and accommodation facilities, complete personal hygiene and care services, daily doctor care, and other services.

Taking all these services at home puts a huge financial burden on the patient, puts them at risk, and frightens the relatives of the patient; According to Sudip Regmi, the medical director of the organization, it will be useful for the patients in terms of financial, security and convenience.

Patients who come from far and wide for treatment have to be kept in regular follow-up. There are ample examples of patients who have undergone the operation suffering from unbearable pain when they come from far away, and the condition has become more complicated due to the infection at the place of operation due to lack of good care.

Surgeon Dr. Kobid Nepal says that he is confident that this care home will be very useful for such patients. In addition to the services mentioned above, the care home provides paralysis, senior citizens, dementia, Parkinson's, autism in children, disability, sports injuries, neuro-rehabilitation, post-trauma rehabilitation services, and other physical and mental disabilities. Patients will be able to get services.

The Phewa Care Home also operates daycare services, including physiotherapy. "Just as we take our children to Montessori for daycare, our family members who need someone's help or need to be monitored for various health problems can be placed in this care home as a daycare," says physiotherapist Shubh Koirala.

According to him, now the families have to work all day because of their work, which means that the members living in the house do not get good care, do not take medicine on time, when they are alone at home all day, various mental problems appear, physical activities are reduced There are problems like not being able to do it. He says that this daycare including physiotherapy, various recreational activities, and care of health workers will be very effective in reducing such problems.

Phewa Care Home was established with the technical assistance of Arogin Care Home Kathmandu which has proved itself as the best care home in Nepal by operating a care home in Kathmandu for the past 6 years.