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10 Symptoms of Liver Cancer Early

Lifestyle 06 Jan 2019 6494 0

Symptoms of Liver Cancer Early

Jaundice or weight phenomena are all symptoms of liver cancer. We are going to tell you about the initial symptoms of liver cancer and the biggest cause of this cancer. Now you can imagine how dangerous this cancer is. Symptoms of Liver Cancer Early, Liver Cancer, and liver cancer causes

The liver is the largest gland in our body and also the second largest organ in our body. The liver is in our body on the right side of your stomach, which is just below your ribs.

Lever Functions:

The main function of the liver is to remove harmful and toxic substances present in our body from the body. Along with this, the liver also cleanses the impurities in our blood. The liver also produces bile and enzyme to digest your food. If the lever is damaged, then its direct effect will be on your digestion and your digestive system and digestion will get worse and your body starts to die after the digestion worsens.

Symptoms of Liver Cancer Early:

Let us know that what are the main symptoms of liver cancer. By the way, it is usually seen that people do not recognize this cancer at the beginning and by the time the disease is known, it is late. So be alert and take precautions to your health so that you can avoid the disease in time:

  1. Lump on the stomach: As we told you that the liver is on the right side of the stomach. Turn your hand on the right side of your stomach and see if there is no lump. If you have any kind of lump, contact the doctor.
  2. Jaundice: Many people get jaundice in which the body parts start to yellow. Let us talk that being jaundiced means that your lever is not functioning properly. If jaundice quickly gets better, then contact the doctor and check the liver.
  3. Inflammation on the stomach: Sometimes it is common for some common causes to swollen on the stomach, but if the stomach swelling remains longer or it cannot be cured for a long time then this liver cancer can start.
  4. Fast Weight Loss: As we told that if the liver does not work properly then your digestion will get worse and if your digestion gets worse than your weight will also decrease rapidly. If this is happening to you then definitely make your inquiry.
  5. Itching on the stomach: If itching is on the right side of the stomach, do not ignore it by forgetting it, because the amount of bilirubin increases itching on the skin and this kind of itching is the identity of liver cancer.
  6. Do not get hungry: If your appetite suddenly gets very short from the first time and if the stomach feels too heavy on eating a bit, then your lever is not working properly.
  7. Having nausea or vomiting: If the person does not feel like eating something and there are lots of vomiting or nausea, then it means that your liver is not functioning properly and should definitely check it.
  8. The color of the urine: When the stomach is healthy, urine has a natural color (i.e. White) and sometimes it also comes to light yellow. But if the color of your urine is very thick like yellow, and then be careful as peeve always has a thick yellow color, which means your lever is not working properly.
  9. Pain in the stomach - There may be a pain in the stomach for many common reasons but some people always get stomach ache while eating and the pain is always on the right side, so please check it because it is the starting symptom of liver cancer. Is there.
  10. Regular Fatigue: daily or persistent fatigue is also a sign of disease in itself. Fatigue means that there is no energy in the body and the energy is not so because your food is not able to digest properly, i.e. your lever is not working properly.

All these are the initial symptoms of liver cancer and if you see these symptoms in you or any of your relatives, contact the doctor without delay.

Causes of Liver Cancer:

Let's know about the main causes of liver cancer that you can defend yourself -

  1. Smoking
  2. Alcohol abuse
  3. Hepatitis B infection
  4. Hepatitis C Infection
  5. Liver cancer in the family in advance
  6. Infection due to any parasite etc.

These are the symptoms of liver cancer, people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol and increase their lever increase and increase liver cancer.