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What is Prehypertension - You Must Know

Lifestyle 31 Jan 2019 4983 0

What is Prehypertension

What is Prehypertension?

Blood pressure in your health check-up indicates an important sign that tells about the recovery or non-recovery of the body. The American Heart Association has defined five categories for blood pressure readings. Prehypertension is one of the same categories. If you have prehypertension then there is a health-related problem in your body.

Focus on this first to know what is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure on the walls of the arteries of the blood that is pumped by the heart in the body. Whenever there is excessive pressure on the body's arteries it is called high blood pressure. There are two numbers to cut the blood pressure, which are written on one another. Eg - 120/70. The earlier number is called systolic pressure. When the heart is beating, due to the heart pumping, the pressure on the arteries from the bladder is called systolic pressure. The number below is called a crystal number, which is pressure on the arteries during that time when the heart does not pump the heart between two heartbeats and rests.

Five categories of blood pressure reading:

Five categories of blood pressure reading are common, of which pre-hypertension is the first stage. The second stage is hypertension and hypertension Crisis. Hypertension is the only medical name of high blood pressure.

Identification of prehypertension:

Pre-hypertension describes blood pressure reading, which states that the body is a bit normal, but the high blood pressure or hypertension is not in the range. If you have pre-hypertension, your blood pressure will remain between 120/80 and 139/89. The range of the first stage of high blood pressure ranges from 140/90 to 159/99 and during the second stage called hypertension, the reading of the blood pressure becomes 160/100. If your blood pressure exceeds 180/110 then you may need emergency care and hypertension Crisis.

What to do: 

If you have pre-hypertension i.e. the development of hypertension in your body which causes many serious medical illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, and even heart failure. Some positive changes in your lifestyle, keep your blood pressure below and below the hypertension range. It is advisable to keep the bleed pressure right, make regular diet, exercise regularly, if you have obesity in the body, lose weight, do not smoke, avoid alcohol consumption, and learn to stay away from anxiety; Be happy.