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Where Every Student should Plant 10 Tree to Get Graduation Degree

Lifestyle 31 May 2019 1607 0

Where Every Student should Plant 10 Tree to Get Graduation Degree

The number of trees and plants in the world is continuously decreasing. However, various actions are being taken to save them. You must be surprised to know that there is a country in the world where the law has been made on behalf of the government that the students will have at least 10 trees, then they will be given a degree of graduation from the universities.

The name of this country is the Philippines, where the government has implemented this unique law to save the environment. The law of the Philippines has been implemented because the total forest cover of the country has come down from 70 percent to 20 percent due to heavy deforestation.

Under this law, the government has set a target of planting more than 175 million trees, nurturing and developing them in one year in the country. It is compulsory for every student to have at least 10 trees to get a bachelor's degree.

This law has been named 'Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act', which was passed unanimously in the Philippines Parliament. This law will also apply to colleges, primary level schools and high school students.

The government has also chosen the area where the trees will be planted. Selected areas include the areas of the Mangrove forest area, the military base, and the urban area. Local government agencies have been given the responsibility to monitor these trees.