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Apply for IPO of Manushi Lagubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (August 11 to 15)

News 11 Aug 2021 2836 0

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited

Manushi Lagubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited has issued its initial public offering (IPO) on Shrawan 27, Wednesday (11th August 2021). Manushi Lagubitta has issued 3,93,750 shares equal to Rs. 39.37 million, which is 36 percent of the issued capital.

Out of this, 0.5 percent or 5 thousand 469 shares will be reserved for the employees, and 5 percent or 19 thousand 688 shares will be reserved for the collective investment fund and the general public will be able to apply for the remaining 368 thousand 593 shares.

Manushi Lagubitta's IPO can be applied for at the rate of Rs 100 per share for a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 1000 units. Lagubitta's IPO can also be applied for through ASWA member banks and financial institutions licensed by the Securities and Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) and through MeroShare's web and app.

Applications for Manushi Lagubitta's IPO can be submitted from Shrawan from 27th to 31st August (August 11 to 15). If the application is not received as per the demand within that period, the deadline will be extended till August 25.

Laghubitta has an authorized capital of Rs. 200 million, issued capital of Rs. 100 million and paid-up capital of Rs. 70 million. Manushi Lagubitta's paid-up capital will reach Rs 109.37 million after the IPO of Rs 39.37 million to the public.

Manushi Lagubitta's IPO has been given ‘CareNP Single B Plus Issuer Rating’ by Care Rating Nepal. This indicates that the ability to meet financial obligations on time remains a high risk.

Manushi Lagubitta's issue and sale manager is Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited and the guarantor is Global IME Capital Limited.