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Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of Education Officer

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Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Province Public Service Commission, Bagmati Province Merit List Announcement

The Province Public Service Commission, Bagmati Province, has released an important notification regarding the merit list for various positions. This announcement pertains to the advertisement numbers 567-568/079-80 (Open/Inclusive) and 546-547/079-80 (Open/Inclusive), Education Officer. The merit lists have been compiled based on the total marks secured by candidates in their respective examinations.

Details of the Positions and Examination

  • The positions are for the Seventh Level (Technical) in the Education Service, specifically in the Education Administration Group.
  • These roles are designated as Education Officers, to be filled at the local level.
  • The examinations and evaluations were conducted as per the standards and protocols set by the Province Public Service Commission.

Announcement Dates and Reference Numbers

  • The merit list for advertisement numbers 567-568/079-80 is referenced under No. 159/080-81 and is dated 2080/09/19.
  • Similarly, the merit list for advertisement numbers 546-547/079-80 carries reference No. 156/080-81, also dated 2080/09/19.

Key Information for Candidates

  • Candidates who have participated in the respective examinations are advised to review the published merit list.
  • The merit list is a crucial document that determines eligibility for permanent appointment to the advertised posts.
  • This notification serves as a formal declaration of the results and is intended for all concerned parties.

Final Notes

  • The Province Public Service Commission, Bagmati Province, ensures transparency and fairness in the evaluation process.
  • This merit list announcement is a significant step towards fulfilling staffing requirements in the education sector within the Bagmati Province.
  • For further details, candidates are encouraged to contact the Interview and Recommendation Branch of the Province Public Service Commission in Hetauda.

Distribution of Recommendation Letters

  • The candidates who have been recommended are informed that their recommendation letters will be available from 1:00 PM on 2080/09/23.
  • These letters can be collected from the Province Governance Center, located in Jawalakhel. This is also the liaison office for the Province Public Service Commission, Bagmati Province.

Access to Total Scores and Interview Details

  • Candidates who have been selected for interviews can view their total scores, which include marks from both the written test and the interview.
  • This information will be accessible for seven days following the publication of the results.
  • To view these scores, candidates should visit the Commission's official website: The specific section to refer to is 'published-result'.

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