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Koshi Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of 4th Level Admin Assistant (Merit Order)

Result 05 Jan 2024 1109 0

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Province Public Service Commission, Koshi Pradesh, Biratnagar: Merit Order List Announcement

The Province Public Service Commission of Koshi Pradesh, Biratnagar, has issued an important notification regarding the Merit Order List.  Notification Number 154/080-81, dated 2080/09/20, details the merit list for Assistant Level 4th Level positions.

Specifics of the Advertised Positions

  • The announcement covers positions under Advertisement Numbers 85/079-80 (Open) and 86/079-80 (Women).
  • These positions are within the category of Miscellaneous Services, particularly for the role of Assistant Women Development Inspector.

Details on Merit List Publication

  • The merit list is based on the total marks obtained by the candidates and has been published as per the Commission's decision dated 09/20/2080.
  • This publication aims to inform all relevant parties about the results and order of merit for the advertised positions.

Breakdown of the Advertisements and Categories

  • Advertisement No. 85-86/079-80 (Open and Inclusive)
    • This category includes both open and inclusive applicants for the Assistant Women Development Inspector post.
  • Advertisement No. 86/079-80 (Women)
    • Specifically for women candidates, this category lists recommended candidates for the Assistant Women Development Inspector position.
  • Advertisement No. 85/079-80 (Open)
    • This focuses on open-category applicants, highlighting the recommended individuals for the Assistant Women Development Inspector role.

Key Points for Applicants and Stakeholders

  • This notification is vital for candidates who have appeared for the relevant examinations and interviews.
  • The merit list is a critical document for further recruitment and selection processes.
  • Candidates are encouraged to review the list to understand their standings and future prospects in the selection process.

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