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Koshi Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of ANM Post

Result 29 Nov 2023 2747 0

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Koshi Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of ANM Post:

The Province Public Service Commission in Koshi Pradesh, Biratnagar, Nepal, has released a series of important notifications for candidates who have applied for the position of Assistant Nurse Midwife (ANM) in the Health Services, Community Nursing Group. These notifications are crucial for understanding the selection process and the outcomes for various categories of applicants.

Overview of Advertisements:

  • Advertisement Numbers: The notifications cover Advertisement Nos. 31/079-80 (Open), 32/079-80 (Women), 33/079-80 (Adivasi Janajati), 34/079-80 (Madhesi), and 35/079-80 (Dalit).
  • Position and Service: All advertisements pertain to the Assistant Level 4th Level, ANM, in the Health Services, Community Nursing Group.

Key Highlights from the Notifications:

  1. Merit List Publication:

    • The merit list, as per the decision dated 2080/08/13, is based on the total marks obtained by candidates.
    • This information is relevant for all concerned candidates across the various categories.
  2. Specific Notifications for Different Categories:

    • Open Category: Advertisement No. 31/079-80
    • Women Category: Advertisement No. 32/079-80
    • Adivasi Janajati Category: Advertisement No. 33/079-80
    • Madhesi Category: Advertisement No. 34/079-80
    • Dalit Category: Advertisement No. 35/079-80
    • Each of these advertisements specifically addresses the recommended candidates for the ANM post within their respective categories.

Notification Reference:

  • Notification Number: The collective updates are encapsulated in Notification No. 113/080-81.
  • Date of Notification: The notifications were published on 2080/08/13.

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