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Lok Sewa Aayog Bulletin 2079 Kartik 9

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Lok Sewa Aayog Bulletin 2079 Kartik 9: According to the written advertisement number published by the Public Service Commission (PSC - Lok Sewa Aayog), the merit order has been established as follows from the written test, group test, and interview for the following service, group, sub-group, category/level, and post. Whereas it has been decided to recommend the following written position for appointment; This notice is published for the information of all concerned.

Notice Regarding Recommendations 2–19

(a) Health Service, Public Health Service Group, Ninth Level, Medical Superintendent (Open)

(b) Health Services, Different Groups, Subgroups, Seventh Level (Internal Competition, Open and Inclusive)

(c) Engineering Services, Various Groups, Sub-Groups, Non-Gazetted Second Class (Technical) (Open and Inclusive)

(d) Consolidated and Combined, Non-Gazetted Second Class, Kharidar or the like (Open and Inclusive);

(e) Miscellaneous Services, Non-Gazetted Class II (Technical) Assistant Computer Operator (Open and Inclusive)

 (f) Judicial Service, Justice/Government Advocate Group, Non-Gazetted Second Grade, Dittha/Tameldar (Internal Competition)

(g) Administrative Services, General Administration/Accounts Group, Non-Gazetted Second Class, Kharidar or similar (Internal Competition)

(h) Education Service, Printing Group, Printing Management Sub-Group, Non-Gazetted Second Class (Technical) Printing Assistant, (Internal Competition, Open and Inclusive)

(i) Forest Service, Botany Group, Non-Gazetted II Grade (Technical) Head Field Assistant, (Internal Competition, Open and Inclusive)

(j) Economic Planning and Statistics Service, Statistics Group, Non-Gazetted Second Class (Technical), Enumerator (Female)

5) Miscellaneous 19–24

(a) Total merit list

(b) Notice of removal of name from the interview list

(c) Alternative recommendation notice

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