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Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Final Result of AHW

Result 09 Jan 2024 980 0

Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Province Public Service Commission, Lumbini Pradesh AHW Merit Order List

The Province Public Service Commission in Lumbini Pradesh, Butwal, plays a crucial role in the recruitment process for various governmental positions. Recently, an important announcement regarding the Merit Order List of recommended candidates has been released. This guide aims to provide clear and detailed information about this latest development.

  1. Overview of the Announcement:

    • The notice pertains to Advertisement No. 51040-51045/2079-80, which covers a range of positions under the Province Civil Service and Health Service, specifically in the Health Inspection Group.
    • The announcement includes candidates for the Assistant Level, 4th Level, A.H.W./Ko.Che.A.
  2. Details of the Merit Order List:

    • This list has been compiled based on the total marks obtained by the candidates.
    • The decision, dated 2080/09/23, forms the basis of this merit list.
  3. Important Dates:

    • The notice is identified as No. 360/2080-81.
    • It was officially released on the date 2080/09/23.
  4. Significance for Candidates:

    • This list is crucial for those who have applied for the specified positions as it determines their eligibility for appointment.
    • Candidates should review the list to understand their standing and prospects for appointment.
  5. Next Steps for Candidates:

    • Recommended candidates are advised to stay updated with any further communications from the Commission.
    • Preparation for the subsequent phases of the recruitment process is essential.
  6. Additional Information and Queries:

    • For more detailed information or to address specific queries, candidates can contact the Interview and Recommendation Branch of the Province Public Service Commission, Lumbini Pradesh, Butwal.

Note: Recommended Letter will be distributed dated on 2080/10/03 at 11:00 a.m.

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